Thursday, 4 July 2013

The Apprentice Season 9 Episode 10 Recap

Just three more episodes to go till we find out who Lord Sugar will pick as his next business partner! This week the teams have been split between boys and girls, with the task being to start up a business with only £150.

Luisa is project manager for team Evolve and is quick to decide on fashion being their product, stocking up on hats and leggings. On the other team Miles is PM but takes ages deciding on the product, eventually setting on homeware- novelty mid range ceramics ( pricey products no one would buy).

At Spitalfields, Luisa and her team sell their hats like hotcakes and is constantly restocking. After a slow start, Neil manages to sell some ceramics, making hefty profits.

The next day the teams must bring their goods to a stall. With only 16 items, Endeavor decides to buy new stock and Jordan is sent to buy candles, wasting valuable time and eventually flops. As a last resort, they decide to buy a high-end product and risk making just one sale to redeem themselves.

Deciding also to up their margins, Luisa sends Francesca to hunt out some designer clothing, but these too aren't selling well. In the end, it was team Evolve's strategy which won them the task and the girls through to interviews!

In the boardroom, the failure of the task is down to the poor choice of products as well as the products Jordan came back with. Neil although the best seller, is questioned if he can do anything else. Jordan's business plan comes under fire and his blabber mouth does him no favours.

But ultimately the lack of decision and poor judgement from the PM miles means he gets fired . As predicted.

Next week the candidates will have their interviews but of the five remaining only o two will make it to the final! Who will out be?

I reckon next week will be very revealing as to what the candidate business plans actually are and that will primarily dictate who wins. But based on their performances this season I reckon Neil is a sure finalist and likely to face off against a woman. Luisa has been doing well recently so she is a strong candidate!

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