Saturday, 1 June 2013

The First Cut Paper Exhibition at Lakeside Art Gallery

I went to the Lakeside Art Gallery for it's paper exhibition titled 'The First Cut' with little expectation but came out extremely satisfied. Having been interested in paper cut art for a while, I didn't expect to see work from such high profile artists, at least not here in Nottingham!

It was great to see the infamous Peter Callesen skeleton paper cut in real life and it was much smaller and more intricate than the images you see. His other works on display were unfortunately not as exciting, but I'm glad that his most famous piece (arguably) was on display. 

Rob Ryan, famous for his large scale intricate paper cuts had a large three metre framed piece. 

Internationally renowned Su Blackwell who has exhibited worldwide and created high end shop windows had several of her book cuts on display. 

The suspended paper dresses by Violise Lunn was one of the highlights for me. 

Other artists included Andy Singleton, Mia Pearlman, James Aldridge, Andreas Kocks, Justine Smith and Yuken Teruya. 

The exhibition is on until 9th of June- go and check it out!!

See more images below:

 Andrea Dezso

 Susan Cutts

 Clare Brewster

Andy Singleton

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