Thursday, 13 June 2013

The Apprentice Season 9 Episode 7 Recap

This week on the Apprentice the two teams are going to be selling caravan and camping accessories. 

Kurt puts himself forward as PM having been in a caravan as a kid met against Alex, but is ultimately chosen.  Neil puts himself for PM and gets it straight away. 

With four camping accessory products to pick from, the two team picks the same two: camping box for kids and an electric bike, but with Miles being overenthusiastic and Natalie/Leah pushing on sales figures, they lose both items to the other team, being left with a folding canopy chair and a roofbox boat.

For their high ticket item, Neil picks the foldable caravan based on figures whilst Kurt pick the retro caravan based on personal taste.

On the day of the sales, Luisa manages to sell the items like hot cakes with her charm. Things go slowly for Miles and Kurt who are selling the caravans with their wooden personas and unenthusiastic approach. On the other team, Jason plays it cool with the elderly and really made an impression- and even managed to sell one!

Kurt decides to bring Leah over in the last hour as a bit of eye candy, and she is closest to securing a sale.

In the end, Endeavour loses by a landslide on just accessories alone. Evolve sold three caravans and three times more accessories. Back in the boardroom, the failure of the task is isolated to the poor choice of items and a lack of sales. But Kurt chooses to bring Natalie and Alex back, the two people who actually sold the accessories! Bad choice me thinks... Miles narrowly escapes..

Kurt, Natalie and Alex don't really get anything going here and Alex is pretty much just safe. The argument lies between Kurt and Natalie as to whether he brought her back tactically, but regardless, by picking the wrong item and then not being able to sell it, Kurt ultimately has to go. But Alan Sugar sees no contribution from Natalie and having warned her previously of not wanting to see her back again, she too is fired.

Next week the candidates create online dating websites, which would be perf. for hot couple Luisa and Jourdan. We will see what happens :)

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