Friday, 7 June 2013

The Apprentice Season 9 Episode 6 Recap

Sorry for the late recap again, but was busy on Wednesday night and only just caught up with this week's Apprentice!! So, the two teams are preparing away days for big clients, one for and the other for top management at Barclays, each paying £5000 for the day.

Francesca and Leah are given the roles of PM by Lord Alan Sugar. Leah imposes her power and decides on a medieval theme despite the majority of her team wanting a school theme, whilst on the other team, Francesca quickly decides on a back to school theme as well as wine tasting and chocolate making for activities.

Luisa undermines Francesca by rejecting the chocolate maker in favour of a cupcake decorating activity run by herself, whilst Rebecca and Jason are to blag the wine tasting sesh. Deciding on archery as a firmed activity, Leah struggles to find other activities and is coerced into allowing sumo suits to be bought, much to her disgust.

On the day, Leah's army theme was more coherent with Alex as 'kernel', whilst Miles and Neil drove the business side of the day when rain strikes and dents Leah's plan of archery. Whilst Francesca's day went according to plan, the lack of a focus (despite poor attempts at blagging it with the wine tasting and the creative cupcake decorating) resulted in a poor response from the client. That said, the highlight of their day was probably their £600 motivational speaker. On the other team, Neil took on this task.

In the boardroom, Leah's team was criticised for their medieval theme and Leah not listening to her team as well as their use of sumo suits and a lack of a rainy day plan, whilst the other team was criticised for a lack of focus and overspending. In the end, Francesca loses by £500 and will bring Rebecca and Luisa back into the boardroom. 

Luisa has an outburst during this episode where she stated that she hated the corporate world- mistake!! And for her to repeat that in the boardroom in front of Lord Sugar really was atrocious. Hold your tongue, woman! But in the end, she fought a good fight and it was ultimately between Rebecca and Francesca. 

I really thought she should have brought Jordan back as he was in charge of the money, but she didn't. Her lack of passion and fight throughout these six weeks meant that Rebecca was going to go home- bye bye. She wasn't very memorable. I'm sure she's a nice person but definitely does not have what it takes to continue in the process, which is not necessarily a bad thing, given how gimmicky the process is anyway... 

Francesca should have been eliminated in my opinion but she survives yet another week. Next week the candidates will be selling caravans or something like that? who knows... the preview was NOT clear.

I'm definitely still rooting for Leah, with Neil seeming to be given a good edit. Luisa and Jason make great TV but the latter has not contributed anything other than comedy to the show so far and if brought into the boardroom, has no fighting chance. Let's see what happens. Who are YOU rooting for?

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