Saturday, 22 June 2013

The Apprentice Season 9 Episode 8 Recap

This is going to be a short recap, had a busy week and despite having watched the episode on Thursday, didn't manage to write up the recap till now.

So this week was an exciting week as the two teams design their own internet dating website. Jason heads up Team Evolve, who decide to focus on the over 50s demographic. Following their focus group's suggestions entirely, they call their site 'Friendship and Flowers'.

Team Endeavour chooses Jordan over Alex (who has never been PM yet) and they go for the young professionals demographic. Calling their site Cufflinks, the masculine sounding site has a boring red backdrop.

During their logo design, Luisa is annoyed at Jason's lack of decisiveness and badgers him to make a decision. Taking over 45 minutes to select a colour scheme, they are two hours late for their website design and do not manage to complete it.

In the evening, Luisa suggests that Jason step down as PM and that she should take over. The rest of the team agree... and it is an Apprentice first that this happens... Will Jason's courageous move show guts or just stupidity and weakness? 

For their advert, Evolve goes for a classic, calm and somewhat boring advert showing two elderlies in romantic settings. Team Endeavour go for the opposite approach of cheese and memorability- equipping Alex as the dodgy perv date you DON'T WANT. 

At the panel, Endeavour was criticised for their lack of consistency between the advert and the website, whilst Evolve was critiqued for their boring campaign which was funeral-like.

In the boardroom, Lord Sugar decides that Endeavour had the better campaign and wins the task and is unsure what to do with Team Evolve's two PMs. Both Jason and Luisa will be in the boardroom and Jason decides to bring back Francesca, despite Luisa wanting Neil in the boardroom.

With Jason's stepping down as PM, I can only see him being safe if their team wins, and since they lost, it was very likely he was to go. Not only did he waste time, but showed weakness and there was no way he could stay over Luisa and Francesca, and he does! 

He will surely be missed but it is crunch time and he definitely overstayed. 

Next week, the teams will be creating ready meals.

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