Tuesday, 21 May 2013

'The Host' Film Review

'The Host' is a sci fi thriller based on the novel of the same name by the creator of Twilight, Stephanie Meyer. Due to the divisive views on the Twilight movies, anticipation of this movie was mostly met with negativity. Despite this, the trailer was intriguing and led me to give this movie a go.

Set in the future where aliens inhabit human bodies and threat to wipe out mankind, Melanie Stryder (Saoirse Ronan) is determined to fight the alien soul Wanda from within her body in order to reunite her with her lover Jared (Max Irons), protect her little brother and evading The Seeker (Diane Kruger) who is on her tail. 

As The Resistence strive to rescue Melanie from within her body, things get complicated when Wanda falls in love with human Ian (Jake Abel) and becomes compromised.

Whilst the setup to the movie was great, once Melanie is found by The Resistence, the themes of romance take over the sci-fi and almost becomes Twilight in the desert- with a love quadrangle, and a hint of sci fi thrown in. The thrilling tension of capture by The Seekers is also quickly lost in favour of romance. The tension of whether Wanda will betray The Resistence was not at all explored deeply enough and dumbs the movie down. 

In this way, the movie incorporates many promising elements, but fail to execute them in a way that compliment each other to become an enthralling and captivating movie experience (which it very well could have done)!

The progression of the plot then became predictable and the ending too was no surprise. It left very little to the imagination and so was very much a typical Hollywood ending, which does not do this movie justice.

Saoirse Ronan- Melanie Stryder/ Wanda
Max Irons- Jared Howe
Diane Kruger- The Seeker
Jake Abel- Ian O'Shea

Also stars William Hurt.

Saoirse Ronan is making quite a name for herself in action having previously wowed us in 'Hanna' and will star in upcoming films 'Violet & Daisy' as well as 'Byzantium'. Here, she is a possessed teen who is conflicted between lovers, her voice dominating at times. The opening sequence and the build up was great and Ronan proves her strengths, but the romance was forced and unbelievably awkward. I found her character to be somewhat annoying at times and wished that she was a strong dominant female without all the lovey dovey mess which has been upgraded from the Twilight triangle to this love quadrangle.

Unfortunately, Max Irons and Jake Abel both do nothing and add nothing to the movie apart from flesh it out with eye candy for young teenage girls. 

'The Host' has great potential in being a strong solid sci fi movie as it has extremely promising plot lines, but perhaps due to the target audience and marketing (Twilight fans/ Stephanie Meyer fans), was made to be a flaky sci fi movie with the focus on romance and in doing so fails to do the ideas justice. 

Saoirse Ronan is a great actress and because of the script/character writing is somewhat conflicted- she would've been better utilised in more action sequences and being a stronger character than being subdued by two men. 

Overall, if you liked Twilight, you might like this, if you don't like Twilight, then avoid this.

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