Tuesday, 21 May 2013

'The Cold Light of Day' Film Review

This has always been on my list of movies to see, but for years I have been putting this off for some reason, and I finally watched this the other day and can see why perhaps I shouldn't have bothered at all!

Will (Henry Cavill) goes on a sailing trip with his family in Spain and whilst he went into town to get some supplies, his family is kidnapped. Discovering that his father (Bruce Willis) is in fact an agent and has been setup by colleague Carrack (Sigourney Weaver) to recover a mysterious briefcase, Will must do everything he can to avoid capture and death in order to save his family.

The pace was sluggish for the most part and whilst there are bursts of adrenaline and thrill, it is interspersed by puking and emotional wreckage. Although taking themes from 'Taken' and 'Bourne', the movie never quite meets the mark and is drowned by its competitors as it fails to establish anything of its own. The plot, the style, the action... everything feels borrowed and unfortunately, seen before.

However, the vulnerable character of Will definitely was refreshing, though risky. His lack of poise in handling the situation felt real, but doesn't make for good cinema. You don't expect the action lead to puke on the side of the road, let alone want to watch this happen. One second Will will be emotional, the next he seems to know exactly what he's doing and flees from other agents like James Bond. Will's flip flopping between emotion and strong was unfortunately flawed and was tiring to watch.

A lack of surprise and shock was ultimately the failure of this film fulfilling any sort of excitement- yes there are some good action scenes, but nothing new, nothing spectacular. As we reach the climax, we are somewhat thankful that the ordeal is over but never quite feel satisfied. 

Henry Cavill- Will
Sigourney Weaver- Carrack
Bruce Willis- Martin

Superman star Henry Cavill does not shine in this movie and the writing of the character Will did not help him progress his sluggish career to date. Let's hope he can carry off 'Man of Steel' successfully and it will propel the British star who clearly has potential into another level of acting.

Sigourney Weaver is always a delight to watch however small or bad her role is. She also always seem to have the most resilient roles and can never seem to be killed off! Good for her.

Stealing from almost every movie in the thriller genre, this movie fails to find its own voice and it feels old, 'seen before' and struggles too surprise or shock. A few entertaining action sequences is all you're going to get out of a tired plot with adequate acting and a flawed lead character. 

I would not recommend this movie as it brings nothing to the genre and rather detracts from it- a forgettable thriller when compared to Bourne or Bond.

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