Tuesday, 28 May 2013

The Apprentice Season 9 Episode 5 Recap

This week the candidates are jetted off to Dubai where they will be sourcing goods for a hotel at the cheapest cost in order to win. The first thing to highlight is Luisa who is hilarious in packing bikinis for a day trip, on BUSINESS.

Miles puts himself up for Project Manager for Evolve, whilst Zee, claiming to know Dubai like the back of his hand having lived there for several years, is met with opposition when putting himself forward by Leah. With objects like a falcon hood, an OUD (which Zee claimed was a perfume but turned out to be a musical instrument), a flag, a plant, a traditional dress and others...

Despite using her head and heading to the mall, Leah caves into Zee's pressure of making them go to the market for cheaper deals. 

Both teams had problems identifying what products were, let alone sourcing them, with teams running around the place fruitlessly asking for help. 

One tragic mistake was made by Miles who paid upfront for the flag and waited whilst it was being made, wasting valuable time. But the biggest mistake of all was by Kurt who could not do his maths and the team ended up with a miniature flag, which had to be remade. 

Another hilarious point was when Rebecca was speaking to someone on the phone, said she was English and got cut off. And Jason always promises to delight with his whole persona.

In the end, Team Evolve managed to source 6 items, whilst Team Endeavor only managed 4, of which one was incorrect (the traditional dress), and loses by £90. Who will Zee bring back into the boardroom? 

Zee brings Leah and a surprised Natalie, which leads to his own demise. Arrogantly fighting a losing battle, he was inevitably going to go, but this was one intense and very entertaining boardroom. Had he brought Kurt and Neil back, it might have been a different result!

I think I can now safely say that I enjoy watching Jason and Luisa the most, but think Leah will be the one I will be rooting for to win. What do you think?

Next week the teams will be creating some sort of training day which looks hilarious. 

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