Wednesday, 15 May 2013

The Apprentice Season 9 Episode 3 Recap

Sorry for the short recap this week but I'm mega busy with a deadline- so here are just some quick thoughts about this week's episode, where the candidates are designing and manufacturing multifunctional flat pack furniture before pitching them to retailers.

The boys team designs a chair that becomes a table, whilst the girls team designs a box. literally. Whilst they may have good intentions, the outcome of the product was neither functional nor stylish. The guys' chair was not very ergonomic, but at least it has a good finish and with refinement could be a worthy design product.

In the end, it was obvious that the guys team would win as they had the better product and even though the girls pitched and sold as best as they could, the product let them down. But who will project manager Natalie bring back into the boardroom?

Natalie decides to bring Sophie and Uzma back. Natalie and Uzma battle it out to put the blame of design onto each other whilst Sophie sits quietly. Her lack of input in the boardroom and these three weeks in general leads to her being fired.

I thought Sophie was NOT the failure of the task this week, but she also didn't seem to contribute anything. Had her market research side been stronger and had she pushed for her ideas, she might have stayed. Oh well, her trajectory was not great anyway and she would have gone sooner or later. Uzma on the other hand, really was the cause of the task failure. Her suggestions throughout were very useless- saying it needs to be unique doesn't help- HOW do you make it unique? Her 'being updated' on current trends surely did not help here, with her only design input being the diagonal patterns on the side, really didn't aid the aesthetic. But she is definitely more fun to watch.

Next week promises to be messy and fun as the candidates open a farm shop.

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