Wednesday, 8 May 2013

The Apprentice Season 9 Episode 2 Recap

So it is ep 2 of The Apprentice. The candidates get taken to a pub and is told that their task this week will be to create a new flavoured beer and sell it to make the most profit. Ben McKenzie lookalike Tim is made to be PM for the girls team and Kirk is project manager for the boys team.

The boys decide on a chocolate orange flavour. The girls decide on caramel and rhubarb, their logo looks awful. The guys have a power struggle between sub teams. The girls' manufacturing team fails to mix their beer and waste 150 pints worth £100. OUCH.

Taking the beer to the Kent Beer festival and trade sales, Team Evolve split up but Tim forgets to assign a sub team leader and spontaneously hand it to Rebecca. The girls manage to make a sale to a pub, but the boys didn't bring any samples and do not manage to sell any.

The girls do well at the Beer festival, but the boys don't do well at the St Albans beer festival. The boys sub team going to trade do not work well together and sell for a very small margin. Moving on to the REAL FOOD festival, they sell well, but the girls, after moving to a wine tasting place, do not sell well, but Leah, the doctor, manage to sell two casks for £90 at the last minute, and might just snag the win.

At the boardroom, the boys were critiqued for sending the wrong people to the brewery and also for having no samples selling at trade. Jason is attacked as part of the subteam for 'losing money'.

The girls were critiqued for their loss making the beer and also critiqued for going to the Kent beer festival. In the end, the girls team made a profit of £399.02, whilst the guys made £831.56. 

In the end, Tim brings back Francesca and Rebecca, for the oversight in location and the mess up at the brewery. 

Back in the boardroom, Tim points the finger at Rebecca even though she sold the most in the team. Rebecca's professional character is in question. Tim is critiqued for being in the drinks industry and failing to lead the team, and as a result, is fired. 

I think Francesca definitely should have gone but oh well... Next week, the candidates create and sell  flat pack furniture.

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