Tuesday, 7 May 2013

The Apprentice Season 9 Episode 1 Recap

So The Apprentice is back and 16 new candidates battle it out to win a £250k investment with Lord Sugar. The contestants are pretty full of themselves from the get go and it will take a few weeks to really get some favourites.

Of the candidates, we have a dracula, a Holly Valance, a Rita Ora and someone with a huge forehead. I don't know their names and will call them that till I can remember :p

The first task is for the teams to sell a crateload of products which include bottles of water, loo roll, chinese lucky cats and some fluorescent jackets. Jaz volunteers herself for project manager for the girls, whilst Jason is Project manager for the boys. Jaz, as a teacher, is vocal, patronising but is honest with her approach and plays all her cards out. Jason cannot control the team as they discuss the products.

The guys' sale of the lucky cats were outrageous. Pitching it at £6 from £12 and ending with a sale of £3.25 with batteries (without actually having batteries)... wasting time and money. They manage to shift all their water and all their cat litter.

For the girls, they sell the water for a better price than the guys but struggle with their lucky cats, choosing to go to China Town - wth... they probably get them in China for pennies. But they do sell a few.

In the end, the girls made £1109.30 whilst the guys made £1167.90. Jaz will be back in the boardroom, but who will she bring back? 

The two sub teams fight it out and put a lot of blame on Jaz and her team, not making much of the sales.

Jaz brings back Uzma and Sophie. Back in the boardroom, Jaz attacks both Uzma and Sophie, but Uzma fights her way to safety. Sophie and Jaz, both not selling anything are up for being fired, but in the end, it was Jaz's brash decision to be PM and her failure at managing sending her home.

Next week the teams brew and sell flavoured beer.

So are you watching this series of The Apprentice? Who are you rooting for? 

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