Friday, 24 May 2013

The Apprentice Season 9 Episode 4 Recap

Sorry this will be a super short recap- the fact that I forgot to watch it yesterday was indication of how phased I am with my work... 

Anyway, this week the two teams front farm shops. Neil heads the boys team and Luisa heads the girls team.  Luisa's team decides to capitalise on specialist meat buffalo, with jacket potatoes and soup, whilst the Neil decides on milkshakes based on Kurt's drinks industry.

During the buying process, Luisa's sub team had trouble convincing Luisa she needed more stock, whilst on the other team, Neil couldn't persuade Kurt to buy more stock and instead had to do it himself.

Sales wise, the smoothies/milkshakes sold like hotcakes throughout the day, whilst Luisa's jacket potatoes went stale. 

In the end, Luisa's team made just under £100 profit and gives the girls team their first win. Back in the boardroom, Neil brings back Kurt and Uzma for the juice fiasco and a lack of contribution respectively.

Despite Kurt failing to keep his promise of making a £600 profit on the milkshakes, it was ultimately Uzma who got the boot for not working well with the others or working at all.

She was the right one to leave after really not doing anything this week or last week.

Next week the candidates get jetted off to Dubai which will promise to be a very interesting episode, and I promise to write more!

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