Thursday, 9 May 2013

Roxanne Emery 'For Weddings and a Funeral' Album Preview

Roxanne Emery has just posted the album cover of her debut full length album, titled 'For Weddings and a Funeral'. 

Having performed a plethora of new songs since her last EP 'Turn Back' (read my review of it here), including 'High Wire', 'Daughter', 'Build a Home', 'Buried Alive' (probably on the album given the name) and 'River Runs Dry'. With many successful covers also on Youtube (such as Don't You Worry Child), I wonder if the album will contain one or two covers (maybe Clarity?)- cannot wait for a full track list! 

In a recent interview, Roxanne revealed that the album had been finished and that it would be put on iTunes as soon as possible, likely in May. Definitely looking forward to this record - have been for ages now! 

A music video for the lead single has also been filmed, so expect that to release shortly as well.

Watch this space for all the latest news and updates! 

UPDATE 10/09/14

After a year since the announcement of the album, we finally have a track list as follows:

Cold Heart Fools Gold Shower The People Daughter
High Wire
Remember Me
Late River Runs Dry Burning Blue Build a Home On Fire (Acoustic)

Opening with her hit 'Cold Heart' and featuring others including 'Remember Me' and 'Late', including highly anticipated track 'Build a Home' and closes with an acoustic version of 'On Fire', the album consistently captures the acoustic sound of Emery, showcasing her raw and beautiful vocal talent, without the over production that bombards our air waves today. Sooo excited for this.

Check out snippets for the tracks below:

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