Friday, 31 May 2013

'Fast & Furious 6' Film Review

I have never been a fan of the Fast series but having seen the first two (my uncle loves them and made me watch them when he got his new home cinema) and just saw the latest offering for my friend's birthday. I walked into the cinema not knowing much about the movie apart from that it is about cars, racing, women, money... and also that Michelle Rodriguez (who I really liked in Avatar) stars in it.

Dom (Vin Diesal) and Brian (Paul Walker) live the quiet life in Spain after their heist in Rio, but are roped back onto the scene by Hobbs (Dwayne Johnson) when a group of racing terrorists led by Shaw (Luke Evans) which includes presumed dead Letty (Michelle Rodriguez) are constructing a nightshade device. 

Dominic reassembles his team in order to take down this group whilst at the same time trying to win back Letty. But when the stakes get high and the going gets personal, what sacrifices have to be made to stop them?

Following a similar style to the other movies, the film starts off with a beautiful and high octane race, but quickly moves from the sunny shores of Spain to the dark, wet roads of London, which becomes the set for the majority of the movie.

The plot is pacey and the action is immediate- it feels like a kind of Bond style villain/story but instead of an agent, we have a group of racers. This works in the franchise's advantage in order to be slightly more refreshing and thrilling, moving away from the underground race scene slightly.

Reviving Letty and the personal connections she has with Dom really added another layer to the movie and her rivalry with Gina Carano's character also made for some good fight scenes.

As the plot heightened and it reached its climax, a red herring of an ending infused disappointment, only for it to explode into the real climax, the finale chase sequence was literally explosive and very intense, though slightly dragged on and unbelievable.

This is evident throughout the movie- there is an element of superhuman-ness to these people and whilst it is extreme, it somehow works for this franchise. What also works is that there are many instances I went 'ouchhh' at how some characters are treated in the slick action/fight scenes.

The ending was typical bar one unexpected twise, but the after credits scene was the real shocker. I won't spoil it but it definitely was a highlight of the whole movie as my friend really liked the person who appears at the end...

Given that extra scene, it was pretty obvious the team were keen to make a 7th (and I hear it is already in talks and in pre-production), which looks to be promising with this additional character who fits right into the genre.

Vin Diesel- Dominic Toretto
Paul Walker- Brian O'Conner
Dwayne Johnson- Hobbs
Michelle Rodriguez- Letty
Luke Evans- Shaw

Also stars Tyrese Gibson, Ludacris, Elsa Pataky and Gina Carano. 

The cast does not stand out much in terms of acting ability- it is all very standard and action based- physically all good, although Dwayne Johnson's immensely huge biceps were distracting- you could fit a grown child in there!

Michelle Rodriguez was nice to watch though she is pretty type cast in this sort of strong female role. 

Fast 6 was surprisingly decent given my indifference to the franchise. As a movie, it offered high octane thrills and good visuals, a few twists and an explosive finale - Whilst it won't win any Oscars, it has all the right ingredients for a mindless action thriller.

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