Thursday, 16 May 2013

Eurovision 2013 Second Semi Final

So it's Eurovision season again (boy, this year has gone FAST) and this year it is hosted in Sweden after the win by Loreen last year. Unfortunately, due to a busy schedule, the first and second semi final blogs will be more concise.

This year's slogan is 'We are One' featuring an artistic butterfly... anyway.

So Tuesday saw 10 countries qualify in the first semi final, including hot favourite Denmark as well as some surprises. The top 5 that I picked from that semi final all got through so I'm very happy about that. Will my 5 from tonight get through as well? 

Here is the running order of tonight's show:

1. Latvia
Meh song meh performance... flashy suits and flesh showing does not help them

2. San Marino
OK song- cannot believe she was the same woman as the one for last year's social network song... 

3. FYR Macedonia
They are live polar opposites- what is she wearing like a big red peony or something... meh...

4. Azerbaijan
OK song, good staging and performance overall... first of my five favs from tonight me thinks!

5. Finland
Bit of a mess- the lyrics are awful. what is this mess.

6. Malta
From the first note, this act is ripping Jason Mraz off... wow- cannot take this. It is quite catchy but the tune is just too similar to 'I'm Yours'. welp!

7. Bulgaria
Awful screeching- help! save my ears!!!

8. Iceland
Really really wanted Yohanna to represent Iceland again (her performance in 2010 was flawless and vaulted Iceland to the top of Eurovision). That said, this is not a bad performance or song. Go Iceland!

9. Greece
Alcohol is NOT free. Enough said.

10. Israel
A powerful song I think- no idea what it means but seems good? And wonders if this is what a fat Cheryl Cole would look like. and also TOO MUCH CLEAVAGE!

11. Armenia
Kind of like this- just something different. :)

12. Hungary
Boring and forgettable. unfortunately. its kinda cutesy but doesn't grab my attention.

13. Norway
OK song, catchy but feed you my love sounds vampiric for some reason i dont know-

14. Albania
I keep hearing 'bathroom city' throughout the song... meh

15. Georgia
Gotta love a duet at Eurovision. whilst this in no way beat Ell and Nikki's 'Running Scared', it is not bad. And called 'waterfall' I expect a shower of fireworks at the end. please. OH we have steam... AND here are the fireworks- ok predictable but yes, liking this more now. go georgia!

16. Switzerland
Ok meh performance... 

17. Romania
This is definitely a memorable performance. This man is like the reincarnation of Lady Gaga who turns into an opera singer but is also a vampire, and instead of hunting blood, hunts for topless men... kind of a creepy performance overall, but hope it goes through for the entertainment of those on Saturday...

All the acts have performed now... OK, so I didn't manage to find FIVE that I would be rooting for, but here are my three- Azerbaijan, Iceland, Georgia... and if I had to pick, Romania and Norway as well.

Who are you rooting for?

Time for the results, here are the ten acts that got through to Saturday's final:

1. Hungary
2. Azerbaijan
3. Georgia 
4. Romania
5. Norway
6. Iceland
7. Armenia
8. Finland
9. Malta
10. Greece

OK so my top three from this semi final and my optional two have gone through as well! Yay!! Looking forward to Saturday's FINAL. Who are YOU rooting for?


  1. I couldn't be bothered this year so I'm going to watch it tomorrow and see who I like then


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