Tuesday, 14 May 2013

Eurovision 2013 First Semi Final

So it's Eurovision season again (boy, this year has gone FAST) and this year it is hosted in Sweden after the win by Loreen last year. Unfortunately, due to a busy schedule, the first and second semi final blogs will be more concise.

This year's slogan is 'We are One' featuring an artistic butterfly... anyway. 

Loreen opens the show by singing Euphoria. Blah blah from the host- we only have one this year- a very proper speaking woman in a sparkly dress.

Here is the running order of tonight's show:

1. Austria
very samey- not original... seen before... :/

2. Estonia 
Interesting choice of black and white filming for Estonia.. wonder if it will turn to  colour--- LOOL and it does- HAHAHA- OK song...

3. Slovenia
Props to the backup dancers- a strong Europop song.. very typical but still catchy... could do well.

4. Croatia
Kinda boring- props to them for singing folk song- but not great for my ears.

5. Denmark
OK- there's a reason they are the favourite- like the song- will be rooting for this. It is a catchy song and also like the fiery backdrop!

6. Russia
Strong but forgettable. Song reminds me very much of 'Battlefield'.

7. Ukraine
Like this as well. Thought the backdrop was great and a strong voice.

8. Netherlands
Kinda boring...  Looks a bit like Amanda Bynes from the side.

9. Montenegro
WOW- gimmick of the night- cool astronaut suits but what is with the song- not working for my ears. what is next.

10. Lithuania
Given the acts so far in this semi final, this is considerably good.. not quite sure about the lyrics... 'I need to tell you something' to open a song? not great: 'because of my shoes I'm wearing today'. WHAT?

11. Belarus
She looks like Amanda Holden. WHAT... looool and too distracted by the fact that her wardrobe team seems to have forgotten to pack the bottom half of her costume. welp!

12. Moldova
Loved the piano intro... and then I saw the woman... who has whipped cream hair and some glowing red mess coming from her stomach- its a beautiful dress didn't see why it needs to be red.. :/

BUT WAIT_ not only does she grow like 6 feet- her dress sets on fire... nice. Anyone going with the 'girl on fire' theme this Eurovision is going to be a fav. Good performance!

13. Ireland
Doesn't do anything for me... no wonder he has to employ topless drummers.

14. Cyprus
Too distracted by her dress - paid no attention to her song.

15. Belgium
He looks like young Dima Bilan. It is quite eerie- but not as good a singer... Hmm...but he will make it into my top 5 for this semi final me thinks.

16. Serbia
The blonde girl looks like a cross between Isla Fisher and Kelly Clarkson but definitely does not sing like her.... It's catchy and upbeat... hmm... but something wrong with their dress sense. What icecream would look like as outfits.

So that's all the performances for tonight's Eurovision semi final... who are you rooting for? My top five acts for tonight are in bold above.

And the ten that make it to Saturday's Semi Final are:

1. Moldova
2. Lithuania
3. Ireland
4. Estonia
5. Belarus
6. Denmark
7. Russia
8. Belgium
9. Ukraine
10. Netherlands

Very happy with the selection this year- all five of my top picks from this semi final have gotten through- YAY- looking forward to Saturday's contest! 


  1. I watched it too! :) Can't wait for Saturday!!Love Eurovision!! :)



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