Saturday, 18 May 2013

Eurovision 2013 Final

So it's Eurovision season again (boy, this year has gone FAST) and this year it is hosted in Sweden after the landslide win by Loreen last year.  This year's slogan is 'We are One' featuring an artistic butterfly. 

10 countries were selected from Tuesday's Semi final and another 10 were selected from Thursday's Semi final to make up the total of 26 countries in tonight's final.

There have been some interesting performances across the two semis, and I think this will be an exciting year with relatively few purely gimmicky acts.

Here is the running order of tonight's show:

1. France
She has a good voice, the song is ok- but overall a boring performance. 

2. Lithuania
So, this was one of my favs from the first semi final- and I think I will continue to root for this tonight- it is a catchy song and the lyrics are sensationally flawsome haha! 

3. Moldova
Moldova has a jaw dropping visual performance. You cannot stop staring at her whipped cream slash horse poop hair styling, and wonder what she's cooking up under her dress... and we're in for a gigantic surprise as her dress becomes a volcano and she sets on fire, but not enough to erupt... I'll root for this on visuals alone.

4. Finland
A fun song with an Avril Lavigne 'The best damn thing' era vibe, but explodes the trashy meter. Can't tell if she's singing 'For You' or 'Fuck You'... wouldn't really matter either way tbh.

5. Spain
My ears should never have been subjected to the intro to this song... those notes hurt my ears. welp!!! It did ease, but not by much. NEXT. The only redeeming quality was when the lanterns rose. 

6. Belgium
I said this the other day, but he is a less good looking Dima Bilan with scary eyes... it is an ok song, but his whole look is too distracting, and makes me wish Dima Bilan qualified for Eurovision again- he was so much better (to look at and to listen to). 'his look kills. over and over...'

7. Estonia
Kind of wished her whole performance was in black and white. Kind of bored... not a bad song, but doesn't stand out.

8. Belarus
So they HAVEN'T sorted out her wardrobe for tonight... welp! The only votes she's going to get is for her flesh showing because noone in their right mind would vote for this musically. o.o 

9. Malta
Too similar to Jason Mraz's I'm Yours. Enough said. NEXT.

10. Russia
A good song and performance- sounds a bit like Battlefield... I like it but not enough to put it as a favourite. :/

11. Germany
So Cascada was one of the big names to perform at Eurovision this year- getting a lot of publicity, especially revolving around the similarities of 'Glorious' to last year's winning song 'euphoria'. I can see where they are coming from, but it can stand on its own... quite like this. They should totally make a mash up of this and euphoria- it can be called eu-glor-ia, glor-phoria, euphor-ious . . .

12. Armenia
Meh performance- everyone says he looks like a HOT JESUS. I don't disagree. 

13. Netherlands
Don't think this song is really suitable for Eurovision- its nice but not quite appropriate for this contest :P

14. Romania
I think this is definitely the standout performance of the night- it is so original scary and camp at the same time. Those near nude dancers are crazy its like he's gorging on them or something and maybe there are dead bodies in those cocoon condoms..

Props to his Gaga-esque outfit. 

15. United Kingdom
WELP! The croaky 'I've just had a fag' start to the song does not help. It's a simple performance... it won't do well. Maybe will appeal to drags who have a similar voice to hers.

16. Sweden
The Jedward hair style is not a good look for him. A catchy song, but not great. toilet break.

17. Hungary
Cute song but doesn't stand out. Quite addictive too :)

18. Denmark
YAY TEAM DENMARK- This song is addictive and would love for it to win :) she's reallly cute too :D The fireworks, the dress, everything was perfect.

19. Iceland
I really liked the music video for this song, wish he brought some of that to the performance... It's a good song but still wish that Yohanna was representing Iceland :P 

20. Azerbaijan
Great performance from Azerbaijan yet again- love the box man- song is ok- standard europop but anyway- yeah.

21. Greece

22. Ukraine
OOh, I forgot about this- I quite like this- she has a powerful voice... the song is not great but anyway, I like it.. :3

23. Italy
I LIKE THE SUIT. Strong song- simple performance. Deserves to do well... welp- do I include this in my top 5? Hmm... 

24. Norway
Maybe if she dressed up as a vampire and then paired up with Romania they can feed each other their 'love'. Addictive and catchy song, reminds me of a Hayden Panettiere from Nashville.

25. Georgia
Surprised there aren't more duets in this year's Eurovision, but Georgia's pairing can in no way compare to Ell and Nikki's winning entry from 2011. It's a good performance, but just hides in their shadow. I do still like it but hmm...

26. Ireland
Poor song. sorry... the only thing that saves this is that gay voters would love the topless men with tight leather trousers. 

So all the acts have performed- Who is your favourite?

I thought it was a really strong competition tonight- there are loads of great acts and I was torn as to which acts to put into my top five... but after careful consideration here are my pick:

1. Denmark
2. Azerbaijan
3. Ukraine
4. Lithuania
5. Georgia/Italia/Moldiva (sorry can't choose!)


YAY OK SO DENMARK HAS WON some funny voting- and Lena gave points wrong haha... good thing we didn't come last and we also beat France, Germany and Spain :)

So Eurovision 2014 will be held in Denmark! Woop! VERY happy with this year's winner :) And my top three was roughly correct so yay !

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  1. I was hoping Denmark would win because I loved the song. But Hungary and the Netherlands also took my fancy even though neither had typical Eurovision songs. Greece needed to be kicked off the stage


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