Wednesday, 8 May 2013

'Ender's Game' Film Trailer Preview

Ender's Game is a film adaptation of Orson Scott Card's best selling novelling of the same name, where children are trained to battle aliens ahead of an impending invasion. 

Having known very little about the book or the movie until seeing this trailer, it looks to be a Star Trek/Hunger Games style crossover movie- why? The alien space ship looks a lot like Narada from Star Trek and Viola Davis says: 'You really don't see them as children, do you?'.

The plethora of Academy nominees and winners that star in the movie which include Hailee Seinfield, Viola Davis, Harrison Ford, Ben Kingsley and Abigail Breslin, could potentially overshadow the lesser known Asa Butterfield, who plays the lead role. 

The movie will premiere in November. Check out the trailer below:

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