Wednesday, 22 May 2013

Emmelie de Forest 'Only Teardrops' Album Review

'Only Teardrops' is the debut album from Danish singer/songwriter Emmelie de Forest, who participated and won the Eurovision Song Contest 2013 last weekend with her lead single of the same name. 

1. Teardrops (Overture)
2. Hunter & Prey
3. Change
5. What are You Waiting For
6. Haunted Heart
7. Force of Nature
8. Beat the Speed of Sound
9. Soldier of Love
10. Running in my Sleep
11. Let it Fall
12. Only Teardrops (Symphonic Version)

Emmelie's elf like image paired with her Shakira-esque voice makes for a unique act. The winning Eurovision song 'Only Teardrops' grabs your attention from the first second and is super catchy. The flute definitely brings a vital element to the song, and without it would not have been successful.

The whole album is extremely consistent in both sound and imagery, with a focus on nature and love. A strong pop sound radiates throughout with a bit of dance thrown in, creating a very strong and appealing range of music. Whilst some of the tracks feel slightly dated, it kind of works for de Forest as it adds to her sound.

My favourite tracks include 'Only Teardrops', 'What Are You Waiting For', 'Force of Nature' and 'Let it Fall'. These tracks work well due to the poetic lyrics and the imagery that the songs create: "A force of nature, A hurricane with just a word, A waterfall with all of the hurt, This love is, this love is a force of nature..."

The symphonic version of 'Only Teardrops' is also an interesting and different sounding version which is nice to add to the collection. 

Overall, the album is extremely upbeat and so consistent that if you liked 'Only Teardrops' you are guaranteed to love the whole album. Congratulations Emmelie on her Eurovision win and I hope to hear more music from the talented young Danish singer!

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  1. I liked her song very much so I'll be checking out this album, thanks for sharing the information


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