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Paramore 'Paramore' Album Review

Since their last album Brand New Eyes, released four years ago in 2009, the band lost two of their members and underwent a period of soul-searching. Staying strong as a three-piece, Paramore's fourth album is appropriately self-titled, an opportunity for the band to redefine their sound and identity.


1 Fast In My Car 4/5
The leading track to the album is an upbeat and exciting track that is catchy and perfect for blasting in the car. Towards the end there is a long interlude which is nice before a repeated chorus. 

2 Now 4/5

Lead single 'Now' is a good musical and stylistic transition from previous album Brand New Eyes. It is pretty slick and fluid from beginning to end, making this easy to listen to and catch onto.


3 Grow Up 3/5

Starting off shouty, the song eases off onto a harmonic chorus which starts with 'Some of us have to grow up some times'... The highlight of the track is probably the instrumental ending.

4 Daydreaming 4/5

'Daydreaming' is a softer but beaty track which existing Paramore fans will love, has great build up towards the end.

5 interlude: Moving On 3/5
A fun little interlude with a old classic vibe, clearly shows the band's inspirations.

6 Ain’t It Fun 3.5/5

...which flows smoothly into this track, a modern and upbeat track with pop-rock sounds and shouty beats. The song has a real anthemic build up, but risks being over-long.

7 Part II 5/5

This is Part II of their previous song 'Let the Flames Begin' and I have to say, this totally blows me away. The shouty rock track beautifully adapts and develops the sound musically and lyrically, making it one of my favourites so far and a major stand-out. Single material.

8 Last Hope 4/5

A softer track to follow 'Part II', Last Hope has real heart and slowly builds up as the song progresses, definitely one which will grow on me.

9 Still Into You 4.5/5

A quirky sounding track, 'Still Into You' is extremely catchy and has an ethereal, fun and poppy layer to the sound. This will be their second single and has a real explosive chorus.


10 Anklebiters 3.5/5

The track has an Avril Lavigne vibe; the angsty, shouty song has a smashing chorus and brings back sounds from 'Riot!'.


11 interlude: Holiday 3/5

The interludes so far have been quite funky and this continues that trend with a fun and upbeat backing, quirky lyrics and sound.

12 Proof 4/5

'Proof' is really catchy and does not have such a heavy sound- it is uplifting and fun.

13 Hate To See Your Heart Break 4.5/5

This soft ballad shows the band's versatility. It stands out amongst the other tracks and is definitely a highlight of the album.

14 (One Of Those) Crazy Girls 4/5

With great build up, this song has a great chorus and a really catchy tune and a tongue in cheek sound, which flows into the interlude very well.

15 interlude: I’m Not Angry Anymore 3/5

Another quirky interlude continuing the vibe from before.

16 Be Alone 4.5/5

Be Alone is a catchy pop rock track, shouty and angsty which makes for good commercial listening. 

17 Future 4/5

The album closes appropriately with 'Future', a soft, dramatic song which heightens instrumentally and fades before returning for a dynamic finish. The seven minute track reveals the band's musical influences and perhaps indicate a future of their music.

SONGS TO LOVE: Still Into You, Part II, Hate to See your Heart Break, One of those Crazy Girls, 
SONGS TO SKIP: Perhaps some of the interludes

Paramore's self titled album spans genres musically and is their most diverse and varied album to date. Departing from guitar domination, the pop rock sounds and tongue-in-cheek ukulele interludes make this album a lot of fun to listen to.

There is also an anthemic sound to many of the tracks and the instrumental bridges elevate the music artistically.

This latest album has great flow and progression from beginning to end. Whilst this album won't be for everyone, there will be something for everyone. If you've somehow managed to avoid Paramore until now, there is no better time to jump on board.

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