Saturday, 6 April 2013

'Gambit' Film Review

An art curator Harry (Colin Firth) plots to take revenge on his abusive boss Lionel (Alan Rickman) by tricking him into buying a fake Monet, enlisting the help of PJ Puznowski (Cameron Diaz), an unpredictably eccentric Texas Rodeo Queen.

Whilst Harry's plan is simple, the execution meets plenty of complications, especially when Lionel is infatuated with PJ. 

The setup of the plot was rather straightforward and the movie lays out the groundwork fairly quickly. The problem perhaps is that it is too simple and misses out on a deeper, more complex, but equally funny plot line. 

That aside, I found that there were moments that were definitely funny. Most of the humour is quite tongue in cheek and not to be taken too seriously. The innuendo was not explicit but not too subtle either- it was appropriate. 

Cameron Diaz who usually lights up the screen, falls short of herself and I expected a lot more from her character. Colin Firth on the other hand plays the 'English gent' flawlessly and at one point, I noticed a shout of 'Mr Darcy' (possibly from a public member at the time of filming) or intentional perhaps? Paired with the stern villainesque Alan Rickman, the three characters create an awkwardly successful trio with clashing characteristics which seemed to work.

As the plot progressed towards the end, it became a little predictable, even the ending, though it finished off open, hopeful and witty- ending in a way that can expand on a potential sequel- and if they do, it will need a LOT of work as there is potential, it just needs to be realised.

Colin Firth- Harry Deane
Cameron Diaz-  PJ Puznowski
Alan Rickman- Lionel
Stanley Tucci- Martin

For a bit of brainless fun, 'Gambit' will offer some laughs and tongue in cheek humour. The plot is simple and it seems like a bit of wasted potential that they didn't do more with the plot or the stellar cast. The film ended on a high note and open enough for a sequel (though the box office figures and critical reviews would suggest not) that it would not be difficult at all to create something bigger, grander and something with more flair.

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