Wednesday, 3 April 2013

'Deadfall' Film Review

When I first saw the trailer to this movie, I thought it would be quite a typical- but exciting- thriller, but this movie definitely beat my expectations and turned out to be something altogether quite different!


Addison (Eric Bana) and Liza (Olivia Wilde) are inseparable siblings on the run after robbing a casino. After a car accident, the two decide to split up and reunite at the Canadian border. Liza meets Jay (Charlie Hunnam), who gives her a ride on his way to his parents' home for thanksgiving. 

Upon arrival, Addison is already present, holding Jay's parents hostage. Tensions collide as relationships intertwine and Liza has to make a tough decision.

The pace of the movie was extremely fast. Within seconds of the movie starting, the shocking car crash sets the events of the movie in motion. 

Set in Canada, the snowy backdrop offers a silent yet haunting atmosphere for the two central characters as they split up and make their way, each having their separate encounters, which changes their psyche. As the movie progresses, the settings shift to warmer pastures, ultimately the two reunite at Jay's parents' home for thanksgiving, but the cruelest, and coldest events begin to unravel.

The movie is surprisingly bloody, with several shockingly gruesome moments, all unexpected and rather brutal. It definitely takes you by surprise, but adds to the artistry in this non-typical thriller. This in combination with the sexy undertones between Jay and Liza, and Liza with Addison elevates the artistry in the dynamics of relationship, which is ultimately the focus of the movie.

The exploration of the sibling relationship as well as the dynamics between parents and children are heavily portrayed between many characters. Addison and Liza's father was a brutal man, which led to the two turning out the way they are, whilst Jay's loving parents and his relationship, though broken is repaired, and on the side, a cop played by Kate Mara has a demanding father who is a sheriff. 

Numerous other family relationships are pronounced in the encounters and there is a foreshadowing of events  throughout the movie which makes this quite strong in terms of theme. 

Ultimately, the demands of love, the bonds of family and the question of letting go explodes in the final sequence. Questions of family and belonging occur throughout and although is not answered at the end, gives a glimpse at a cathartic resolution, though the cyclical nature of the events suggest that it cannot be broken, which is tragic.

Eric Bana- Addison
Olivia Wilde- Liza

Also stars Charlie Hunnam and Kata Mara.

Eric Bana's character from the get go has aggressive undertones which is played through consistently and heightened towards the end. Bana commands attention in this psychologically charged and physically demanding role.

On the surface he plays an action character but there is a much deeper emotional drive especially the dynamics with Addison's sister Liza, played by Olivia Wilde, who is overshadowed by Bana. The actress has great potential but isn't given enough to really shine through and appears just to be eye candy and a sex symbol.

'Deadfall' is not the typical thriller. The plot is simple and the focus on family relationships amongst a backdrop of cold snowscapes with bloody, sexy undertones make this a gripping exploration of love, freedom and forgiveness. 

The slick pace ultimately builds up to an explosive finale and a cathartic ending, which is far from 'happy' but suggests that life goes on, whether the nature is cyclical or not. 

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