Saturday, 2 March 2013

The Face Season 1 Episode 4 Recap

Sorry for not recapping this earlier but I had a super busy week and now relaxing to the latest episode of THE FACE!! So the girls discuss Stephanie's 2nd escape from elimination and Marlee questions if she should go home after finding out her family back home is having financial difficulties.

The first challenge is for the girls to be 'Runway Ready', judged by Karolina. The girls need to try to make the quickest outfit change before hitting the runway and striking a pose. The girl with the fastest time will win a $5000 Marshalls gift card.

Devyn takes the lead and watches all the other girls just fall short of her time until Margauex who is the last one come out and wins the challenge! Devyn is a sore loser and questions Margauex's win... which I feel was really rude of her and had she just taken it with grace, made friends with Margauex and they can shop together!

The girls' final time:
Zi Lin 1:18
Brittany 1:24
Devyn 1:09
Marlee 1:39
Stephanie 2:38
Ebony 1:24
Madeleine 1:12
Jocelyn 1:14
Sandra 1:13
Margauex 1:07

Back at the loft, Coco pays Marlee a visit and she decides she wants to go home. Noooo-- Team Coco loses a team member :(

This week's 'campaign' sees the girls do a real runway show- it is for Kleinfeld bridal gowns. The audience gives the girls votes and the team with the most votes will win the campaign.

Team Coco- Stephanie did a surprisingly good job and was well composed, Brittany was rather stiff in her walk and face. Margaeux does a good job but falls over as she reaches the top of the stairs- WELP!

Team Karolina- Ebony was a bit awkward but doesn't fall, just a little stumble at the bottom of the stairs. Madeleine had trouble getting up the stairs and lacked grace. I thought Devyn did a great job, though her dress did appear 'easier' and more fluid.

Team Naomi- Jocelyn was a bit stiff and not confident- Sandra did better than i thought she would and Zi Lin was phenomenal- she was absolutely gorgeous and her dress was so difficult and must have been so heavy- I think she deserves the win.

In the end, the winning team with 34/55 votes is... TEAM NAOMI!

I think Coco will have to send Brittany to elimination because she was most forgettable and unmemorable. For Team Karolina, Ebony or Madeleine will be sent to the chopping block. Coco chooses Brittany and Karolina chooses Ebony strategically as she thinks she will be able to face Naomi.

In the judging room, both girls use their sob stories on Naomi which does not work on her. She reprimands Brittany for not standing out in a BLACK wedding dress and sends her home. She made the right decision even if it means Coco is now down to two girls!! :S

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