Wednesday, 27 March 2013

The Face Episode 8 (FINALE) Recap

So it's the FINALE of The Face- a short 8 episodes, but it has been filled with drama, tension, emotion and fashion filled campaigns. After the 5 minute recap, the girls are introduced to people at ULTA beauty who will ultimately decide who gets the contract with ULTA and be THE FACE.

The girls are then told that they will do three more challenges: interacting with customers at ULTA, an ULTA beauty shot and a finale runway with their coaches, but OH WAIT, one of them will be cut before the finale! Wow (definitely one of Team Karolina I think)! At this, Devyn hyperventilates and has a panic attack.

Arriving at the ULTA beauty store, the girls have a super quick masterclass in learning about all the products and it was a blitz- I had no idea what that woman was talking about and judging by their faces, neither did the girls!

Ebony definitely charmed the girls and was super friendly- Devyn was a bit hard and didn't really seem genuine. Zi Lin was friendly but seemed to shove words into the customers' mouths and Margaux was very uncertain, at one point saying she doesn't know what the brushes are made of. NOT GOOD- didn't even try to find out for the customer. smh

For the ULTA Beauty shot, Zi Lin was breathtaking and every shot was stunning. She gave variety and warmth. 

Ebony was awkward to begin with and didn't really give any emotion but the later shots were much better.

Devyn's were cute and boyish- her eye bags were heavily photoshopped out in post production.

Margaux's shoot was phenomenal- click after click of shots, so its strange she can't bring that effervescence to reality. Coco was hilarious when she said the ULTA woman likes hands.

Not sure why they picked the final shot for her when she had wayyy better ones.

At panel, the girls were critiqued by the ULTA woman. Zi Lin got great feedback across the board, Ebony was critiqued for her photo, which was conventional and took a while to get there; they loved Margaux's photo but her personality was missing and Devyn is strong in the photo but didn't do well at the challenge.

The three girls who will be walking in the Zac Posen show are: ZI LIN, DEVYN and... obviously Margaux right?... yess MARGAUX gets through. It is kind of obvious though... 

I didn't think Devyn would get through... I would've put my money on Ebony... but anyway, it also seems kind of predictable as these three girls were raved about on episode 1 and they got all the screen time and they are coincidentally all put with different judges... hmm...

The producers clearly have this all planned out... ultimately, it is a TV show and I feel that they probably have picked THE FACE already at this point and the runway show is just for their enjoyment, our enjoyment. Ultimately, it is that ULTA shot that will be displayed at the stores and the girls themselves may do a few commercials but no runway for ULTA.

Anyway, all the girls looked great on the runway and as I said before, this isn't a determining factor so whatever- it was nice. 

Now it is time to find out WHO will be THE FACE. From the whole competition so far, I think it is either going to be Zi Lin or Margaux. Margaux doesn't really deserve it from her performance in the competition, but would be the perfect model, whilst Zi Lin is versatile and friendly and can definitely do the job. Devyn needs work still and as seen from her panic attack earlier, perhaps not ready for the full on fashion industry.

And THE FACE is...



DEVYN. WHAT. NO. WOW... no words. That was a shock. Good for her, but really? hmm... anyway, Zi Lin and Margaux will surely have good careers ahead of them as well. So, that's it from me on THE FACE- maybe there will be a second series, and if so, there needs to be more work on the structure and the editing, but it has been a great first series. Mwah.

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