Wednesday, 20 March 2013

The Face Episode 7 Recap

The girls talk about Sandra's elimination and Naomi's outburst after elimination. Margaux says she has more drive now and won't be put down by Campbell's harsh words.

The test shoot challenge this week is for the girls to think quickly on their feet. They will be given a bag with some items and will be questioned about them, the point is to show their personality as well.

The winner will win a designer handbag. 

Jocelyn- Bunny Slippers: 
Was not really friendly and killed the interview. Not likeable.

Stephanie- Condom: 
It was awkward, but she kept the convo going... funny and likeable.

Ebony- Condom: 
She managed to talk about it without being awkward but was maybe a little

Devyn- Baby shoes: 
Was poised, a little on the emotional side but handled it well...

Margaux- Boyfriend's boxers: 
Thought she did well until the judges threw her a curveball...

Zi Lin- Pink cap: 
English wasn't great but was charming and handled personal questions well.

One question though, surely if these are the girls' items, they would know what is in the bag and what they could pick? Unless only one item of theirs has been chosen for them and they didn't have a choice? Hmm...

In the end, the winner was Zi Lin. WOo!

Nigel announces that there will be a double elimination, where one girl from both losing teams will be eliminated. The girls' campaign this week is to present themself and be interviewed on the red carpet, facing tough questions.

The winners of this week's campaign will get custom made Guido Maria Kretschmer gowns and be flown to Germany to open/close his shows.

The coaches visit the girls to give them some tips beforehand. 

Team Coco does well on the red carpet especially Stephanie who is friendly, engaging and having fun. Margaux who is holding back still manages to pull through, but when they face interviewer Wendy Williams, Margaux truly struggles and is awkward, whilst Stephanie shines.

Team Naomi looked gorgeous on the red carpet but both girls struggled to answer Wendy's questions. Jocelyn was hard and not very forthcoming. Zi Lin had fun but flopped when asked what ULTA product she was wearing.

Team Karolina did well until Jocelyn said she doesn't feel like a black girl model, to which Naomi flips and has a lot to say. We all knew what she MEANT (that she has an international appeal) but it may affect the team's chances of winning.

In the end, team Karolina wins. URGH MARGAUX let Team Coco down and I feel that if Stephanie was eliminated it wouldn't be fair as she basically did really well this week but then again, Margaux would be perfect in the finale. And Zi Lin has to go through to the finale- it's obvious.

In the elimination room, Margaux was a bit rude about Steph but Steph was able to fight back but even then, was not enough to make Karolina keep her. Out of Zi Lin and Jocelyn, it was obvious who would be staying. 

Naomi is frustrated at Karolina's decision as Margaux poses a real threat to all the other girls and in next week's finale, one of the girls will become THE FACE

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