Wednesday, 13 March 2013

The Face Episode 6 Recap

The girls' test shoot this week is to shoot a Christian Louboutin commercial with a male model. The winner gets a pair of Louboutins...

Most of the girls were a bit awkward. Devyn brought a Rihanna vibe and her voice it's luscious. Stephanie surprisingly did really well given how awkward she thought she would be, and Zi Lin has no trouble being sexy but her language skills got in the way.

Sandra who was last tried to do something different by kissing the male model which triggered a laughing fit from Naomi which she took offence at and fires up her attitude. I thought Naomi was rather unprofessional, but Sandra's reaction was just as.

Naomi 'fires' Sandra and disqualifies her from the test shoot. In the end, Stephanie is the winner! YAYAYYAYYAYAYY!!!

The girls' campaign this week is to choose a product and create a brand, making a video for opensky, with the winning team having their short video published on the site.

Team Karolina does well with Devyn and Ebony who are selling PalmAid? They were relatable, sweet and had chemistry with each other as they are friends now.

Team Coco was more awkward as Margaux let them down with her awkwardness. Margaux feels she will be put up for elimination if they don't win. The blazer was a bit awkward for them to put on and take off.

Team Naomi was a complete mess, none of them seem comfortable and their product of a bean bag just didn't look good on camera.

The final results were really good for all teams actually. Every team had something to like with their video. This is going to be a close one, but from the editing I think Karolina has won given Naomi gets angry with her for some reason... and the winning team is TEAM KAROLINA.

I thought Team Coco did really well so it was too bad they didn't win, but I feel like someone from Naomi's team will be eliminated anyway... so phew!

Margaux says: "I'm really hoping it's her" about her and Stephanie's elimination... wow Margaux... I feel like it's going to be YOU! Coco sends Margaux based on the girls' performance. Naomi sends Sandra. Bye Bye Sandra please...

At elimination, Margaux was being a bit shallow by slagging Sandra off. I thought Sandra was being very professional at elimination actually. I thought Karolina was also being a bit pushy with her 'interrogation' of Sandra. Of the two's performance at elimination alone, I would have probably eliminated Margaux myself, but the overall model potential and performance in the competition, Margaux definitely deserves to stay.

Naomi is in flames after Karoline eliminates Sandra, calling her an idiot. Seriously Naomi, not everyone eliminates stronger competition like you. I think she is really unprofessional in front of all the girls, and Margaux especially will feel tension with Naomi. Karolina did the right thing, definitely and held her composure afterwards... 

Next week, the girls will be going to a red carpet event, being interviewed and there will apparently be a shocking twist.

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