Wednesday, 6 March 2013

The Face Episode 5 Recap

The girls' first challenge this week is to do a test shoot incorporating dance movement. After a choreography, the girls will then take a photo whilst doing the dance moves and the girl with the best shot will win a Home Gym.

Devyn struggles with the choreography and walks off set.

Ebony had energy, Jocelyn was flaccid and didn't engage with the modelling aspect, Sandra was confident but didn't deliver that many good shots, Madeleine was quite stiff, Margaux kind of lost it, Zi Lin was fluid but her face was off, Devyn didn't really do the choreography but had some fun shots and Stephanie who has had no dance training, had lots of fun and got some great shots!

And the winner was... EBONY, though Stephanie should've won in my opinion and Coco was just too nice in trying to be fair :p

For the campaign, the girls will be doing a look book for Marshalls, where they choose the clothes and accessories. The winning team will have their photo posted online.

All the groups basically struggle with putting their looks together apart from Team Coco (maybe edited out) but Team Naomi especially seem to be a mess.

TEAM KAROLINA: Madeleine struggles with being free and is stiff in her photo, Ebony is fun and cute, Devyn just struck conventional poses but looked ok.

TEAM NAOMI: Naomi drilled them into everything they were doing- the group shot was nice but not great. Jocelyn was clearly jealous at Naomi's treatment of Sandra over her.

TEAM COCO: The woman who was judging did not like how they took too long to pick their accessories and from then on could not stop making rude comments about Stephanie's posing. They weren't great but they weren't as horrible as she made them out to be either. But when it came to the group shot, the woman ate it up. They have a real chance of winning! YESSSS

The winning team is Team Naomi- well deserved I guess. But this means Stephanie is almost 100% likely to be up on the chopping block and probably along with Madeleine.

Sandra is overwhelmed by the win and goes out of control. Like seriously, take it with grace, the other girls are feeling horrible about elimination and you just go around waving your arms in the air and being crazy. urgh.... 

Naomi confronts the girls about their fighting and threatens to send one of them home if they don't get along.

Team Coco sends Stephanie and Karolina sends Madeleine. I'm pretty sure Stephanie will come through AGAIN because of editing and because we all love her.

At elimination, Madeleine digs herself a big hole saying she shouldn't be there- BYE BYE. Stephanie poised and ready to state her case, does so eloquently and is saved by Naomi yet again, who does so tactically as well. Team Karolina are not happy.

Next week looks intense as the girls work with male model and take part in some sort of commercial. If Team Coco doesn't win next week, definitely bye bye Stephanie.

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