Sunday, 24 March 2013

Saboteur Card Game Review

From Zman games comes a sneaky card game for up to ten players: "You are dwarves digging for gold, but suddenly, your lantern diminishes, your pickaxe breaks, a mine cart falls your way... oh no! The saboteur strikes again!"

Players are dealt role cards, telling you if you are a gold digger (not that kind!) or a saboteur. Gold diggers try to get to the gold as quickly as possible (concealed cards at the end of the 'playing field', whilst saboteurs need to stop them, but subtly because if their role is identified, they will likely be ganged up on!

It all sounds very abstract, but simply put, there are two 'teams' with opposite agendas. Players have the capability to play map cards leading to the 'goal' or sabotage cards on other players to block them from playing map cards. There are also 'rescue' cards which will remove an applied 'ailment' so being able to identify team mates allows you to help them in the time of need and vice versa.

The game is actually very simple and once you have played it once, you will pick up the game very quickly. Each round lasts about half an hour and the game consists of three rounds. At the end of each round, winning team is given 'gold' and at the end of the game, the dwarf with the most gold wins- the roles are re-dealt at the start of each round.

I found that this game is quite versatile in that each time you play a different scenario can pop up given the arrangement of the map pieces. However, there seem to be a static process as cards are 'discarded' and there is a natural end to each round and if unlucky, noone can do anything and it ends in a stalemate which results in the saboteurs winning. Not by any of the sab's actions, but simply because of how the cards were dealt and luck in players getting certain cards etc.

In this way, there is ultimately a small flaw which is the luck element, which although cannot be controlled, could potentially be frustrating for players. This is however, only a small proportion of games and will occur very rarely.

It has offered many laughs especially when saboteurs become obvious and when there is a real team element to work with and against.

Overall, this is a simple but effective game which is perfect for a group dynamic, families and friends. I would highly recommend this game to anyone who likes dwarves, sneakiness and GOLD!

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