Thursday, 14 March 2013

Cute Animals: A Retrospective (The Cutest Baby Animals EVER)

Some of the most popular posts on my blog are of cute baby animals and so, it's been about a year since my last post on these cute critters, it's about time to BRING THEM BACK. 

Here is a look back at some of the most popular posts and some of the cutest pictures after the jump, and simply click on the picture or the link to access the original post with LOADS more adorable pics!

1. First up, the most popular cute animals post by a landslide is CUTE PUPPIES. One of mankind's favourite animals, these loyal pups are irresistible!

2. Even though they have a prickly exterior, these round balls of cuteness give the puppies a run for their money. BABY HEDGEHOGS are just so lovable if not huggable.

3. These are one of my favourite animals because they are small, round, fluffy and demure. BABY RABBITS are so easy to look after and are fur balls of love.

4. Round and fluffy... BABY OWLS has captured the hearts of our readers time and time again, often making the most popular weekly list.

5. Time for some exotic animals. Fierce and Fearless, who know that BABY CHEETAH CUBS would be sooo cute? Seriously one of the most beautiful animals on Earth.

6. In a similar region lives these calm giants. BABY ELEPHANTS are quite clumsy, making them even more adorable, but certain species are endangered so we must protect them! 

7. Although not the most popular post on here (you guys can change that soon!), BABY EMPEROR PENGUINS are another hugely beautiful and fragile species living in Antarctica. The hatchlings are I think one of the cutest animals EVER and if you've seen MARCH OF THE PENGUINS, you'd know what I mean ~ :3

8. Animals that hold hands while they sleep? There's only one I know! BABY SEA OTTERS are flawless on the cute factor... seriously, just check out the original post- every picture oozes with cute!

9. Now, no post would be complete without the super adorable BABY PANDA, unique in their opposable thumbs and their bamboo munching madness, so much so that I have created two posts (too cute to contain in just one!) 1, 2

10. Last but not least, a surprisingly popular entry comes in the form of BABY SEA TURTLES. Behind the soft shell, there is clearly something super cute as many of you have made this one of the most popular cute animals posts!!

Although we have reached the end of this retrospective, fear not. There are still tons of cute animal posts I have not covered, such as the uber cute BABY HARP SEALS and the BABY POLAR BEARS

And if you want to see the complete collection, just look through the animals TAG HERE.

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