Wednesday, 20 February 2013

The Face Season 1 Episode 3 Recap

This week the girls are challenged to pose with Vogue eye wear. Coco judges the challenge and does a demonstration- omg that woman can pose.

Most of the girls did well... Stephanie did ok despite her lack of experience- but Sandra was a real mess... with only like 1 usable frame...

The girls who did the worst were Jocelyn, Zi Lin and Sandra.

The girls who did the best were Margauex, Brittany and with 75 usable frames, is Madeleine. One of her shots will be used for the Vogue Eyewear range.

Back at the House, team Naomi loses it and Sandra starts a row with Jocelyn. She has absolutely no point and Jocelyn totally wipes the floor with her and doesn't give her the satisfaction of a fight.

Naomi pays Sandra a visit and gives her some tough love.

For this week's campaign, the girls will be shooting a 15 second commercial for lingerie brand Cosabella. There are three types/characteristics for each team: sweet, conservative and sexy, and the girls decide who wears what.

Sandra and Jocelyn fight some more over who gets to play the sexy role.

Team Karolina was a bit confused with which roles they had to play and Christy didn't want to be conservative and was too sexy in the commercial.

I thought Team Coco's commercial was really good whilst they were doing it but the result was not great- having them all wear the same colour didn't work for me.

Although Team Naomi kept fighting, I loved the pillow fight aspect and they did a good job in the end. And they won the campaign. 

Karolina sends Christy because she wasn't a team player whilst Coco breaks down in tears having to send Stephanie to elimination once more. 

Naomi asks both girls why they should stay and tests Christy's speaking skills. In the end, she eliminates Christy- she had a bad attitude and couldn't present herself well at elimination. Whether Naomi eliminated her to get back at Karolina or not, it doesn't matter- Stephanie stays! YAY!

Next week, the girls will be doing a runway campaign/challenge and two girls will be going home.

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