Wednesday, 13 February 2013

The Face Season 1 Episode 2 Recap

So the episode starts with loads of recaps and lots of Nigel Barker's voice... the girls move into the house and loudmouth Sandra is already being really annoying with her personality- why are Sandras always annoying/mean/hateful/crazy on modelling shows?

The judges pay them a visit in their new loft before the girls go on their first 'challenge/task' which involves a test shoot, where girls will be wearing the same clothes and judged on who wore it better. Naomi Campbell judges this challenge.

The girl who 'wore it better' according to Naomi will be in bold.

Devyn VS Stephanie
Marlee VS Sandra
Margeaux VS Aleksandra
Ebony VS Christy
Zi Lin VS Brittany
Jocelyn VS Madeleine

These girls will then be paired with each other until one is determined.

Margauex VS Ebony
Jocelyn VS Marlee
Stephanie VS Zi Lin

In the last look, Margauex and Zi Lin both worked it, but Zi Lin's edge and creativity won her the prize, which was a $5000 Topshop shopping spree. 

Most of the girls were shocked that Margauex didn't win and speculate favouritism because Zi Lin was on Naomi's team. I did think Margauex looked more masculine so fulfilled the brief better but Zi Lin made it feminine and still made it work, so I was happy with either.

The girls then have to do a 'campaign'- this week it is a photo shoot for W Magazine. The girls will be photographed in their teams; the winning team will have their image published in W, whilst one girl from the losing teams will be eliminated.

An editorial storyboard has already been created with a final image missing, which the girls will need to come up with, along with their wardrobe and styling.

The coaches later arrive to give the girls some advice. 

Shot by Patrick Demarchelier, Aleksandra let team Naomi down... it looked like a typical fashion shot. Jocelyn looked great and dynamic, Zi Lin was stiff and at times hoochy.

Team Karolina had an interesting setup- 3 downtown girls vs 1 uptown girl- the pose was quite typical but it was well executed.

Team Coco took the biggest risk with a dance-like pose, which seemed to have excited Patrick as he made the most noise/feedback during the shoot, but the other coaches did not like it.

The guest judges from W magazine decide which shot will be the winning shot, and the coach of that team gets to decide which girl ultimately goes home after the other two coaches select a girl to be put up for elimination.

In the end, Team Karolina wins. Coco and Naomi will have to select one girl from their team to be put up for elimination. Naomi selects Aleksandria and Coco selects Stephanie.

In the judging room, Karolina talks to the girls. I thought Aleksandra's response was arrogant and bigheaded and Stephanie made a good plea. In the end, Karolina eliminates Aleksandra.

Naomi is upset and threatens Karolina... Next week, thanks to the previews it appears Naomi will win the campaign and will be deciding on who goes- will she take revenge on Karolina? who knows... 

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