Saturday, 9 February 2013

The Face Season 1 Episode 1 Recap

If you, like me, have been suffering from Top Model withdrawing ahead of the Cycle 20 Boys vs. Girls edition, fear not. Oxygen's latest modelling show 'The Face' may just be the cure. 

Hosted by ex-Top Model judge Nigel Barker, the show sees top models Naomi Campbell, Coco Rocha and Karolina Kurkova act as coaches. Borrowing aspects from 'The Voice', contestants are picked by the coaches and are in 'teams', but only one girl will be 'The Face' and win a contract with ULTA beauty.

Episode 1 was a casting episode which saw the girls take a candid photo, walk with large hats covering their face and a final transformation photo before the judges battled it out for the girls they wanted on their teams.

There were a whole array of girls, many of which were apparently carefully selected from thousands of hopefuls but only a few stand-outs for me in the first episode. 

I really liked Stephanie, I thought her lack of experience made her likeable and sweet and was glad she made it through and ended on Team Coco. Also on team Coco is Margaux, who is a diverse model with an edgy look- she didn't show much personality yet but definitely has potential. 

There weren't many of Karolina's team that I liked, but Devyn definitely stood out- she reminds me of Rihanna in the face and has an edgy hair cut. She will probably go far.

Naomi has quite a strong set of girls: Zi Lin, a model from China and winner of Miss China, Jocelyn, a very beautiful girl and Aleksandra, a quirky girl with a unique look.

The final teams were:

Team Coco: Stephanie, Margaux, Marlee, Brittany

Team Karolina: Kristy, Devyn, Ebony, Madeleine

Team Naomi: Aleksandra, Jocelyn, Zi Lin, Sandra

Right now, I'm pretty much Team Coco- she's just so funny and sarcastic and quirky- I hope one of her girls wins... and can't wait for the action to fully begin.

Looking forward to episode 2 where the girls will complete a test shot challenge and a group photo shoot. Tensions run high between the contestants as well as the coaches.

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