Tuesday, 12 February 2013

Rihanna 'Stay' Official Music Video

The video to the the beautiful song 'Stay' by Rihanna ft. Mikko Ekko has been released. 

The simple video sees Rihanna flouncing around in a bathtub feeling sorry for herself whilst Mikko Ekko sits on the tub, looks in the mirror and the both of them just sing the song. I really thought Rihanna was going to have a Britney 'Everytime' moment where she sinks into the water, but no... she just touches her face every now and then, tilts her head back, move about... and literally do that for four minutes.

Apart from showing off her body, there is extreme focus on her tattoos, I think they must have covered every one from the beginning to the end of the video- Riri fans will correct me if I'm wrong. 

Overall, lovely song- average video- the effort is there but it could've been A LOT more powerful.

Check out the video below:


  1. I can't stand Rihanna whatsoever. But I was reading this blogpost which is way more interesting than this video it seems


    1. That was totally hilarious haha... thanks for sharing


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