Wednesday, 27 February 2013

Cloudy With A Chance of Meatballs 2: Revenge of the Leftovers Film Trailer Preview

The first trailer for the upcoming sequel to 'Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs' has been released.

Revenge of the Leftovers sees Flint and friends return to their home after the aftermath of the first movie to discover an oasis of food and newly inhabited food-imals. But they must stop the animals from escaping the island and causing havoc on mainland.

Cannot wait for this movie which is out in September in 3D. Check out the trailer below:


Monday, 25 February 2013

The Oscars 2013 Red Carpet (+ Results)

The Movie awards season reached a peak last night as the 85th Academy Awards was held. This year's red carpet was full of glamour, with best dressed going immediately to Jennifer Lawrence in her soft pink Dior gown; the actress herself picking up a Best Actress Academy Award.

The cast of Les Mis also dressed to impress. Although Anne Hathaway kept it simple in Prada, Amanda Seyfried chose a beautiful Alexander McQueen sparkly dress.

The guys all suited up for the awards, though one of the big winner of the night was Ben Affleck's Argo, which won BEST FILM, Adapted Screenplay and Editing.

It was nice to see Sandra Bullock return to present an Academy Award- she looked beautiful in Elie Saab and I cannot wait to see her upcoming movie 'GRAVITY'. Adele also dazzled, picking up an Oscar for Original Song for Skyfall.

Check out more images below and the all important RESULTS:


Sunday, 24 February 2013

'Buried Alive' by Roxanne Emery

Instead of the usual weekly covers (like the phenomenal 'Don't You Worry Child'), Roxanne Emery recorded a new song called 'Buried Alive' to share with us ahead of her album release.

The song is beautifully written and what we love about Roxanne's music is her emotion and heartfelt performance.

All we need now is for this to be released as a single and for Roxanne to share some news about her upcoming album because I'm sure we all CANNOT wait to hear it after all the teasing of a music video etc etc!!

Check it out below:

Saturday, 23 February 2013

Laura Kirkpatrick for Coco Magazine by Ali Ann

Laura Kirkpatrick is featured in Coco Magazine. Shot by Ali Ann, the spread is light, fantastical and sweet which is perfect for Kirkpatrick's style of photography.

Check out more images below:

Thursday, 21 February 2013

Hannah Jones for Papercut Magazine by Taylor Kent

Hannah Jones is featured in Papercut Magazine. Shot by Taylor Kent, the spread is more a 'New Age Market Girl', which suits the hippie chic model. Jones has definitely improved her skills, gaining tension in the face and working her angles for a beautiful Summery spread.

Check out more images below:

Wednesday, 20 February 2013

Sony announces next generation Playstation 4 (PS4)

A few weeks ago, Sony released a teaser trailer prompting us to 'SEE THE FUTURE' of the console giant and tonight is the night.

Sony will be announcing some big news at 11pm GMT tonight, which many speculate to be the announcement of the next generation of Playstation console- The Playstation 4 (PS4). I will be updating as the announcement goes on for all the latest news-

UPDATE: AND ITS LIVE... first a promo video... reminiscing the good times of Playstation.

Ramble about the Playstation Vita, mobile expansion, networking, casual gaming, indie gaming etc... get to the point... PS4 hello..?

And the PS4 has been announced... what will the specs be? this will be revealed in the next couple of hours? 

Taylor Swift at the BRIT Awards 2013

Taylor Swift arrived at the Brit Awards wearing a stunning floor length Elie Saab gown. The black dress had thigh high see through panels and adorned with a slim gold belt.

The star seemed to have dished her teen days behind with her recent streak of clothing (SEE HER GRAMMY 2013 LOOK) choices losing the once typical sparkly white gown for a more mature look.

Her dark look is reprived in her performance of hit single 'I Knew You Were Trouble', where she transforms from an innocent white look to a dark and sultry outfit.

Swift is nominated for best international female artist after releasing the internationally acclaimed album RED.

See more images below:

The Face Season 1 Episode 3 Recap

This week the girls are challenged to pose with Vogue eye wear. Coco judges the challenge and does a demonstration- omg that woman can pose.

Most of the girls did well... Stephanie did ok despite her lack of experience- but Sandra was a real mess... with only like 1 usable frame...

The girls who did the worst were Jocelyn, Zi Lin and Sandra.

The girls who did the best were Margauex, Brittany and with 75 usable frames, is Madeleine. One of her shots will be used for the Vogue Eyewear range.

Back at the House, team Naomi loses it and Sandra starts a row with Jocelyn. She has absolutely no point and Jocelyn totally wipes the floor with her and doesn't give her the satisfaction of a fight.

Naomi pays Sandra a visit and gives her some tough love.

For this week's campaign, the girls will be shooting a 15 second commercial for lingerie brand Cosabella. There are three types/characteristics for each team: sweet, conservative and sexy, and the girls decide who wears what.

Sunday, 17 February 2013

Disney's 'Wreck It Ralph' Film Review

I finally saw Disney's latest film, Wreck it Ralph. Nominated for an Academy Award for best animation, the animation studio has certainly 'upped their game' (get it?) in one of their best movies since Tangled.

After 30 years of destroying things, only for them to be fixed by Fix-It Felix, Wreck-It Ralph is tired of being the bad guy. Seeing his counterpart being revered in medals, cake and celebrations, Ralph has had enough. If only he could win a medal, he too would be appreciated and seen as a hero, and so he thinks.

When Ralph game jumps into 'Hero's Duty', he is able to get his hands on the medal, but accidentally zooms into Sugar Rush, a candy racing game in an alien spacecraft, bringing a virus with him. Here, he meets Vanellope, a glitch who just wants to be a racer, stealing Ralph's medal to enter a qualifying race but without a proper kart. The two decide to help each other get what they both want- in order to get his medal back, Ralph decides to help Vanellope win the race.

With Ralph missing, Fix-It Felix is taken out of order and threatened to have its plug pulled, whilst the virus is slowly replicating in Sugar Rush. Not only is Ralph's game under threat from being pulled, the whole arcade is at risk from the deadly virus. It is up to Ralph and his friends to prevent the catastrophe leading to GAME OVER.

Saturday, 16 February 2013

Marchesa Fall 2013 Collection (New York Fashion Week)


Marchesa premiered their fall collection at New York Fashion week. Featuring their signature haute couture dresses, the overall vibe was a European high society look- the bustiers and dresses embellished with floral pattern and gold, the flowing dresses, the big shoulders...

Marchesa does not fail to impress in this collection. Certainly we will be seeing one or two of these again on the red carpet of the upcoming Oscars.

Check out the rest of the collection below:

Serpentine Pavilion 2013 by Sou Fujimoto

The 2013 Serpentine pavilion will be designed by Japanese architect Sou Fujimoto. He will be the youngest architect to accept the invitation for the pavilion design.

Fujimoto's fascinating exploration into light and materiality as seen in his House NA and his 'Inside Outside Tree' installation reveals a glimpse of what can be expected of the pavilion.

Of the design, Fujimoto says:

"For the 2013 Pavilion I propose an architectural landscape: a transparent terrain that encourages people to interact with and explore the site in diverse ways. Within the pastoral context of Kensington Gardens, I envisage the vivid greenery of the surrounding plant life woven together with a constructed geometry. A new form of environment will be created, where the natural and the man-made merge; not solely architectural nor solely natural, but a unique meeting of the two. 

The Pavilion will be a delicate, three-dimensional structure, each unit of which will be composed of fine steel bars. It will form a semi-transparent, irregular ring, simultaneously protecting visitors from the elements while allowing them to remain part of the landscape. The overall footprint will be 350 square-metres and the Pavilion will have two entrances. A series of stepped terraces will provide seating areas that will allow the Pavilion to be used as a flexible, multi-purpose social space. 

The delicate quality of the structure, enhanced by its semi-transparency, will create a geometric, cloud-like form, as if it were mist rising from the undulations of the park. From certain vantage points, the Pavilion will appear to merge with the classical structure of the Serpentine Gallery, with visitors suspended in space." 

I cannot wait to see this when it is built this Summer.

Thursday, 14 February 2013

Nimbus by Berndnaut Smilde

Netherlands based artist Berndnaut Smilde has created a fascinating series of installations and images, bring clouds indoors. The combination of smoke, moisture and light form the clouds which are composed in wonderful settings.

The transcendent 'objects' are mystical to look at and I can only imagine what it would be like to watch it, interact with it...

Check out more images below:

Wednesday, 13 February 2013

The Face Season 1 Episode 2 Recap

So the episode starts with loads of recaps and lots of Nigel Barker's voice... the girls move into the house and loudmouth Sandra is already being really annoying with her personality- why are Sandras always annoying/mean/hateful/crazy on modelling shows?

The judges pay them a visit in their new loft before the girls go on their first 'challenge/task' which involves a test shoot, where girls will be wearing the same clothes and judged on who wore it better. Naomi Campbell judges this challenge.

The girl who 'wore it better' according to Naomi will be in bold.

Devyn VS Stephanie
Marlee VS Sandra
Margeaux VS Aleksandra
Ebony VS Christy
Zi Lin VS Brittany
Jocelyn VS Madeleine

These girls will then be paired with each other until one is determined.

Margauex VS Ebony
Jocelyn VS Marlee
Stephanie VS Zi Lin

In the last look, Margauex and Zi Lin both worked it, but Zi Lin's edge and creativity won her the prize, which was a $5000 Topshop shopping spree. 

Most of the girls were shocked that Margauex didn't win and speculate favouritism because Zi Lin was on Naomi's team. I did think Margauex looked more masculine so fulfilled the brief better but Zi Lin made it feminine and still made it work, so I was happy with either.

The girls then have to do a 'campaign'- this week it is a photo shoot for W Magazine. The girls will be photographed in their teams; the winning team will have their image published in W, whilst one girl from the losing teams will be eliminated.

An editorial storyboard has already been created with a final image missing, which the girls will need to come up with, along with their wardrobe and styling.

The coaches later arrive to give the girls some advice. 

Shot by Patrick Demarchelier, Aleksandra let team Naomi down... it looked like a typical fashion shot. Jocelyn looked great and dynamic, Zi Lin was stiff and at times hoochy.

Team Karolina had an interesting setup- 3 downtown girls vs 1 uptown girl- the pose was quite typical but it was well executed.

Team Coco took the biggest risk with a dance-like pose, which seemed to have excited Patrick as he made the most noise/feedback during the shoot, but the other coaches did not like it.

The guest judges from W magazine decide which shot will be the winning shot, and the coach of that team gets to decide which girl ultimately goes home after the other two coaches select a girl to be put up for elimination.

In the end, Team Karolina wins. Coco and Naomi will have to select one girl from their team to be put up for elimination. Naomi selects Aleksandria and Coco selects Stephanie.

In the judging room, Karolina talks to the girls. I thought Aleksandra's response was arrogant and bigheaded and Stephanie made a good plea. In the end, Karolina eliminates Aleksandra.

Naomi is upset and threatens Karolina... Next week, thanks to the previews it appears Naomi will win the campaign and will be deciding on who goes- will she take revenge on Karolina? who knows... 

Logrono High Speed Rail Station by Abalos+ Sentkiewicz Arquitectos

The beautiful station at Logrono by Abalos + Sentkiewicz Arquitectos has completed its first phase. The triangulated forms, the materiality and the lines it creates offer a stunning project.

Check out more images below:

Tuesday, 12 February 2013

Taylor Swift in US ELLE Magazine (March 2013)


Grammy award winning Taylor Swift covers ELLE magazine's March edition. Looking stunning in Oscar de la Renta, Burberry, Louis Vuitton and Proenza Schouler, each image in the spread shows a different side of Taylor- sweet, innocent, dark, cute, sophisticated...

Swift will be releasing new single '22' off the multiplatinum #1 album 'Red' and has filmed the video for it due out in April.

Check out more images below:

Rihanna 'Stay' Official Music Video

The video to the the beautiful song 'Stay' by Rihanna ft. Mikko Ekko has been released. 

The simple video sees Rihanna flouncing around in a bathtub feeling sorry for herself whilst Mikko Ekko sits on the tub, looks in the mirror and the both of them just sing the song. I really thought Rihanna was going to have a Britney 'Everytime' moment where she sinks into the water, but no... she just touches her face every now and then, tilts her head back, move about... and literally do that for four minutes.

Apart from showing off her body, there is extreme focus on her tattoos, I think they must have covered every one from the beginning to the end of the video- Riri fans will correct me if I'm wrong. 

Overall, lovely song- average video- the effort is there but it could've been A LOT more powerful.

Check out the video below:

Paramore 'NOW' Official Music Video

The video to Paramore's lead single off their fourth album has been released. 

Directed by Daniel Cloud Campos, the video has a beautiful artistic feel, using explosive colour amidst a chaotic battlefield. Whilst fans were divided at the ending of the video, the unexpected ending definitely adds meaning and thought to the message.

Check out the music video below:

Monday, 11 February 2013

'Upside Down' Film Review

'Upside Down' is set is a fascinating alternate universe, in a Solar system where two planets co-orbit the sun with dual gravity, connected in the middle by a tower called Transworld, inside which workers from both planets co-exist, but outside of it, contact is prohibited. 

An economic divide separates the two planets: one called 'the above', a wealthy utopia, feasting on the work of the below, corrupting the resources from the other planet, whilst the other is called 'the below', a dark and grim world of labour and poverty.

Orphan Adam (Jim Sturgess) from below meets Eden (Kirsten Dunst) from above, at the top of the mountains and the two instantly fall in love. But when an incident supposedly takes Eden away from Adam, he resigns to black market work, hating on the people who took everything from him.

Ten years later, he sees Eden on TV and against all odds, fights to be with the girl he loves, but with everything and everyone trying to pull them apart, can Adam defy gravity?


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