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'The Amazing Spiderman' Film Review

I was eagerly anticipating this movie when it hit the cinemas knowing this would be a reboot- I loved the original trilogy starring Tobey Maguire and I felt this movie would detract from the original, but add more depth and story as it focuses on a different time of Peter Parker's life.

The movie begins with young Peter Parker being taken to his aunt and uncle's house whilst his parents go away for business, only to result in their tragic death. Zipping to his high school years where he's at the bottom of the social spectrum, he discovers a satchel left by his father that will change his life.

After seeing a photo of his father with a colleague, it leads Peter to Oscorp, a company exploring cross species genetics. After bumping into Gwen Stacy, his high school crush, he explores the facilities and ends up being bitten by a spider... transforming him into Spiderman.

As he learns to harness his new found powers, a tragedy happens, challenging him to use his powers for good. When a new evil arises in the city, it is up to him to stop 'The Lizard' before it's too late.

The pace of the movie was average, with a lot of build up and character development to start the movie with, which is understandable given this is a reboot and they want to pack as much information in as possible. But it did start to drag.

The linear plot line also did not help to ease as you expect most of what happens to happen, just how. The lack of twists and turns weakened the plot, but there was still a lot to love.

Themes from the comics and the first movie seemed to reoccur, bringing what you loved most from the first set of films to this. One of the most anticipated scenes was the highly talked about kiss scene. Many speculated how it could top the upside down kiss of the first film- since becoming an iconic cinema moment- and I have to say they didn't do a bad job. It was slick, but iconic would be going too far.

As soon as the world vigilante popped up I couldn't help but think of Christopher Nolan's Batman trilogy- the dark tones which seemed to creep into this movie. It wasn't bad but I felt it could've had its own spin.

Both the characterisations of Peter Parker and the villain 'The Lizard' were done extremely well. The character development of Peter was diverse and shed new light to his personality, whilst the villain was relatable and wasn't all that typical. 

Once the groundwork was set, the film sped up and it was definitely an enjoyable climax, with a satisfactory ending which doesn't just finish, but give you an appropriate conclusion. And if you watched till the end of the credits, you'll see a potential hint to the next film which is scheduled for 2014. Can't wait. I'm sure it'll be slicker than the first.

Andrew Garfield- Peter Parker
Emma Stone- Gwen Stacy
Sally Field- Aunt May
Martin Sheen- Uncle Ben
Rhys Ifans- Dr. Curt Conners/ Rhys Ifans

Andrew Garfield was perfectly cast for the role of Peter Parker, bringing a combination of shy geeky awkwardness and a cool confidence when transformed. The chemistry between Garfield and Stone is astounding and sweet- no wonder they're dating in real life. Stone has a sass about her which can be seen in her other movie roles (The Help, Easy A), which makes her a non-typical actress. 

'The Amazing Spiderman' was a solid reboot, offering a deep serving of character building in the beginning and edge of the seat action towards the end, with a hint of romance and a giant lizard. Whilst the plot was linear, it wasn't shallow but could do with more twists and turns. Let's hope the second movie will take us to that next level of cinema this could potentially be.

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  1. Thank you for posting your thoughts on The Amazing Spider-Man. Unlike you, I was dreading this movie because I didn’t want to sit through another origin story. Even with the retelling, I really enjoyed this version. I was talking about recent developments in the comics with one of my DISH coworkers when they informed me that they haven’t seen this movie. He had to see it, so I went online and ordered it to download to my DISH Hopper DVR so that it would be ready to watch once we got to my place. My friend really liked the movie, and we agreed that this film improved on the old series in a lot of ways.


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