Tuesday, 8 January 2013

'Blood Red Road' by Moira Young Book Review

Geared up to be the next teen craze, MTV says this book will 'satisfy the cravings of The Hunger Games fans'. With a movie in production (tentatively set for a 2014 release), will this truly be the next big thing? or just a hopeless wannabe?

In a dystopian future, Saba, her twin brother and her family live in the Silverlake, a harsh and barren land. One day, when her brother is taken by the feared Tonton and her father is killed, Saba vows to save her beloved twin at all cost.

The writing style of author Moira Young is outright annoying to begin with. In first person, we are inside the head of Saba, who thinks is short sentences, lacks grammar and speaks in an incorrectly distinct manner. The lack of speech marks and complex punctuation does not aid this book literarily.

Getting past the disturbing writing, the plot is actually somewhat engrossing. Fuelled with a mission, Saba encounters danger, friends, betrayal, her annoying little sister and even love on the way. There is something exciting about each episode that she faces, with a few twists thrown in as well.

As the reader, I can't help but compare Saba to Katniss as I'm reading, the latter obviously being inspiration to the lead character in more ways than one. Wielding a bow and arrow (the popular choice of weapon these days), Saba is headstrong and fearless like Katniss, but her emotional detachment makes her weaker and less interesting to read about.

What I did like about this book was the climax and the ending. Though mostly predictable, there was a slight twist which led to a surprisingly cinematic finish, one which definitely will work well for the movie adaptation.

Overall, 'Blood Red Road' offered its thrills and moving moments, but cannot compare to the epic originality and depth of 'The HungerGames', many themes of which seemed to have been inspired from that anyway. Nonetheless, tide us through till the next Hunger Games movie it will. 

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