Tuesday, 8 January 2013

APP: Triple Town Games Review

OK. So since my sister got her Kindle Fire, I have been hooked to Triple Town- a cute puzzle game which requires you to build up a flourishing city using grass, bushes and trees. Three grass makes a bush, three bush makes a tree and three trees make a house etc etc.

But beware, every now and again you will get a cute but angry little bear which will take up a space on your 6x6 grid, preventing you from building on it. Thankfully, trapping the bears will demolish them and a tombstone will form. And yes, you can combine the tombs to form a church and so on...

Space is commodity in this game and it is deeper and more complex than it appears. Meticulous space planning and strategy is required to keep the game moving, racking up the points and upgrading your buildings as much as possible.

With the aid of rare power ups and an item store (where you can buy bushes etc), the game offers many surprises and isn't as difficult as you'd think. A handy tutorial mode is also available for new players.

The graphics are well rendered and extremely cute which is definitely one of the key factors I keep coming back to it. The surprising depth and complexity of such a simple game makes it delightful to play.

The app can be downloaded for free for Android systems and iPhones, with limited turns in place (which regenerate over time) but unlimited turns can be purchased which also unlock other maps.

This game is highly addictive and I found myself frustratingly waiting for my next turn just so I can build a house, trap a bear or zap a ninja bear. I even managed to get my sister hooked to it as well!

If you like a good puzzle on the go combined with city building elements and cute angry bears, this game is for you!

The game-child of Bejeweled and Civilisation. GET IT NOW.

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