Wednesday, 12 December 2012

'Pirates of the Caribbean 4: On Stranger Tides' Film Review

I have put off seeing this movie for a long time as I thought it was just a ploy to make more money and given that my favourite characters Elizabeth Swan (Keira Knightley) and Will Turner (Orlando Bloom) will not be returning, I saw no reason to continue apart from wanting to know just what they manage to bring that is new.

In 'On Stranger Tides', Jack Sparrow (Johnny Depp) is trying to find the fountain of youth, but so are the Spanish, which sparks the British to follow, led by Barbossa (Geoffrey Rush). When Jack meets previous love Angelica Teach (Penelope Cruz), he discovers that she too is looking for the fountain of youth, with her father, the infamous Blackbeard (Ian McShane).

Racing against everyone else, Jack must use his charm admist the competition in a story full of passion and vengeance.

The plot was somewhat slow to start but once it got going, it followed a very typical 'Pirates' formula. Fight scenes, escape scenes, though heightened in tension and more drama was thrown in, was pretty much seen before. However, I did like that everyone was racing against each other for the same goal, which gave it a bit more of a punch.

The inclusion of myth and mystery with the beautiful mermaid creatures added a touch of freshness to the series, with the love arc between Philip (Claflin) and Syrena (Frisbey) more intriguing than the main story itself. 

As the parties neared the fountain of youth, there was a climax which evolved into a predictable ending, but there was still humour right till the end and left open enough for a fifth 'Pirates' movie, which if made, seriously needs to reinvent itself.

Johnny Depp- Captain Jack Sparrow
Penelope Cruz- Angelica Teach
Geoffrey Rush- Barbossa
Ian McShane- Blackbeard

Also stars Sam Claflin and Kevin McNally.

Rising star Sam Claflin was likeable in this movie and has just landed the role of his lifetime as Finnick Odair in 'The Hunger Games: Catching Fire'. 

Penelope Cruz added a great Latino sass- I'd only wished she would've been more mischievous and manipulative as described- she seemed far too nice most of the time. 

'Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stanger Tides' would no doubt satisfy fans of the series, but for those who still seek a great story, the latest film has departed from the first three, however much it tries to cling onto threads from before (bringing back Barbossa etc). Unfortunately, many of the sequences are 'seen before', which could be argued as the style of the movie but it no longer captivates. 

If indeed there is going to be another sequel, Jack Sparrow will certainly need to embark on the greatest adventure yet if I'm to watch it.

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  1. I quite liked this one. I was happy to see Penelope Cruz instead of Bloom and Knightly so that was a part of it


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