Thursday, 8 November 2012

'The Elder Scrolls Online' PC Game Trailer Preview

A ten minute introductory video to the upcoming Elder Scrolls ONLINE GAME has been released. Set in the world of Tamriel, where a lot of the continent from the previous games will be explorable, the quest based game will unite players all around the world.

With a focus on exploration and character development, you start off choosing your race and then developing how you want your character to be. Much loved weapons, armour and creatures will return.

The game looks absolutely awesome and has a tentative release of 2013.  I wonder how much it will cost and if there will be a membership fee... 

I loved Oblivion and still have Skyrim to play so I'll definitely be interested in this when it comes out!

Check out the awesome introductory video below:


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  3. We found distinct moments of unresponsive controls when attempting to attack or defent while playing Elder Scrolls Online, but we're sure these are just beta-bugs. elder scrolls online forums


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