Monday, 19 November 2012

Kelly Clarkson 'Greatest Hits-Chapter One' Album Review

After five hit albums, the most successful American Idol winner Kelly Clarkson releases her first greatest hits album. With 9 US Top 10 hits (3 of which were No 1s) and all her albums gaining top 3 spots, this is adequately named 'Chapter One', with hopefully many more albums of great tracks to come.

I'm personally not a fan of the album cover- but features almost a recreation of her trademark 'Breakaway' album face and simply styling. I guess it's her most iconic picture so it is appropriate.

The album features 17 tracks, 4 of which are new.

1. Since U Been Gone
2. My Life Would Suck Without You
3. Miss Independent
5. Behind These Hazel Eyes
6. Because of You
7. Never Again
8. Already Gone
10. Breakaway
11. Don't You Wanna Stay (ft. Jason Aldean)
12. Walk Away
13. Catch My Breath
15. Don't Rush
16. A Moment Like This
17. I'll be Home for Christmas

The album starts with Kelly's smash hit 'Since U Been Gone' which is also my favourite song of hers EVER, followed by other explosive pop rock tracks such as 'My Life Would Suck Without You' and 'Behind These Hazel Eyes'.

Softer tracks 'Because of You', 'Already Gone' and 'Breakaway' float in the middle in limbo, but remind us that behind the shouty power-vocals of Clarkson, there is a soft side- and it's musically splendid.

'Don't You Wanna Stay', with Jason Aldean, was a surprisingly successful track that allowed Kelly to cross over into country territory and the song topped the US Hot Country songs chart, with the pair subsequently nominated for a Country Music Award (CMA).

New song 'Catch My Breath' (LISTEN HERE) follows a typical Clarkson formula. It's catchy and has some meaning lyrically in how the star has a moment to slow down and to 'catch her breath'. It is an ok song but not phenomenal.

'People Like Us' is another strong pop anthem by Clarkson with a great build up with uplifting lyrics. It's not amazing, but it's consistent and something new.

'Don't Rush' ft. Vince Gill brings Kelly back into a realm of country music but still gives a personal touch. The chorus is phenomenally catchy.

'I'll be home for Christmas' is an appropriate song given the release date of the album but isn't a song you can listen to all year round.

'A Moment Like This' feels like a 'flashback' song and kind of makes a nice end to the album, reminding you of that iconic moment when she won and singing that song and making it her own.

I was quite surprised that songs from her recent album 'Stronger' would be included since they haven't had that much time to really digest and I thought she would be releasing a few more singles off that record since there are amazing songs on there such as 'The War is Over', 'I Forgive You' and 'Einstein', which could've been potential hits had she released them before this album.

With five albums worth of music to consider for this greatest hits album, the team behind it were clearly spoilt for choice, but the seventeen tracks offered here represent Kelly's career thus far pretty well. All her smash hits are included and the organisation of the track gives variation, flow and dynamism.

The new tracks included are exciting but not overwhelmingly amazing. It offers something new so it doesn't feel like just another money-making scheme, but a mark of her current success as well as an offering and a bridge into the future.

Overall, 'Greatest Hits- Chapter One' is one super album to get, where every song is a fantastic song that will make you sing along to and refresh yourself of why you love Kelly Clarkson.

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