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America's Next Top Model Cycle 19 Episode 12 (FINALE) Recap

Has it been a cycle already? It's the finale of cycle 19 and one of the remaining three girls will be crowned America's Next Top Model. Will it be Laura? Leila? or Kiara?

This episode starts with the strangest change of tone ever where Tyra introduces the runway finale and the haunted house... it has that same feel as Cycle 17's live first panel. :/ it's strange showing the finale runway before everything else that happens?

Oh wait... and now we cut to the girls doing their Nine West shoot... urgh. So the girls are in the colourful streets of Jamaica in colourful clothes, wearing Nine West heels. Laura's first and looks stunning btw, only for her shoot to be sabotaged by Kelly Cutrone and Jez Smith who have a verbal war in the middle of her shoot. It was pretty hilarious and probably done for more drama anyway but still, good entertainment- you can always rely on Kelly to stir things up on set!

Leila doesn't do very well on her shoot- it's definitely more commercial and so she is quite awkward and there isn't much variety in her posing.

Kiara doesn't do much in her shoot either and receives negative critique from Johnny, BUT BUT BUT I have a feeling the editing is playing with us, so right now, I think either Laura or Kiara will win. Hehehe.

Back at the fashion show, the girls look stunning in Amato haute couture gowns. But before we see them walk, we have to 'take a look' at their Nylon photo shoot as well.

Laura looked great, Kiara was ok and Leila was playful (most Nylon according to the director). They then get a surprise visit from their family members.

Now it's time for the finale runway. I can't say it enough but the dresses do look AMAZING!!!

Laura looked great but her walk seemed stumpy and slow- maybe cos she can't see the runway!!

Kiara probably had the best runway walk but her face is covered too much.

Leila also looked great but fell during her entrance on the steps which broke her and her walk was awful (not that it was great to begin with but still...) and on her way off, she also tumbled... OUCH.

Kelly looked disgusted in the audience and I'm sure she'll rip into her at panel.

Brittany also looked great in her dress. 

Both Laura and Kiara looked great in the second look but WOW LEILA- her outfit and styling was phenomenal. She also didn't fall this time around which was good :)

SERIOUSLY STUNNING. That is the look of a real top model at the end of the runway.

At panel, the judges will decide who will be the winner but the average of the previous scores will 'help' that decision.

Kiara was praised for her runway walk whilst the other two had critiques. Kelly was angry at Leila and said she would not cast her in a show.

Leila's Nine West shot was deemed the best, followed by Laura. The judges will be giving the girls a score based on the whole competition, added to the other score averages to determine this cycle's winner.

I seriously have no idea who will win. Nylon loves Leila, who also has the best Ninewest ad. Those are the 'real' campaigns that are going to be published, and she rocked them both. She doesn't have a great runway, but she doesn't need to- she can be a print model or whatever.

Kiara has a strong runway walk and one or two good pictures but I don't think she should win, though she's been given the improvement edit and could potentially win since she's basically Angelea 2.0

And as for Laura, she's been so strong at the beginning and getting so many great pictures but slipped towards the end, and her runway was average. But she is definitely more well rounded than the other two. 

Who will win?

In third place is... Leila.

In Second Place is... KIARA

America's Next Top Model is... LAURA!!! YES I'm actually really happy with the result. Leila is great at high fashion but I liked Laura more from the beginning and just happy it wasn't Kiara :D

Here are some of the best shots this week from the eliminated contestants- NASTASIA KILLED IT. OMG HER SHOT WAS PHENOMENAL!!!

My favourite contestant this cycle was Brittany. Who was yours?

So Cycle 20 is in the works and will apparently follow the same structure, with fan voting and so on, but what's new? MALE MODELS. Yup, Cycle 20 will feature both male and female contestants in the same house. Drama, romance, scandal? Sure. It's going to be like 'Make Me a Supermodel' isn't it? Stay tuned for my recaps when the new cycle airs coming Spring. ;)


  1. Hey Mat, finally we've come to the end of a cycle. I'd say I'm pretty happy with the results. I'll just make a few comments about a few pointed things that caught my interest (OR NOT).

    I didn't like the tone of this episode one bit. I believe they were trying too hard to bring in the theatrics but it just wasn't working for me. And also Tyra's articulation was really off-putting. I've always felt she's a good actress but she was trying too hard on this one.

    All I was thinking of when the girls got to meet their family was what a treat of a watch it would've been if Victoria had been around. I'm positive she would've collapsed. I say she's my fav, flaws and all.

    And OMG Brittany looked amazing on that runway, catwalk and look altogether. I think she stole it.

    Plus that adorable Leila fan with the misty blue eyes... I thought it was cute the way he addressed Rob. I played that part like 10x. He better be signing up for next cycle.

    Anyways, congratulations to Laura. I hope she does well in the modelling industry. Can't wait for next cycle. BOYS, BOYS, BOYS!!!

  2. And one more thing... thanks for your amazing recaps this cycle. I've really enjoyed them. I only wish I'd discovered this site earlier.

    1. Thanks for reading my recaps!! Will definitely return for next cycle so stay tuned :D

  3. I already guessed Laura was going to win. Would have preferred Leila but oh well. She will get ahead, I bet you she will be Nylon magazine's next girl


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