Saturday, 10 November 2012

America's Next Top Model Cycle 19 Episode 11 Recap

OK So I think Laura is going home... given her edit so far at the beginning of the episode. The girls each share a bit about what it means to them to win in a very choreographed opening.

The girls' first challenge is to produce a holiday commercial for Jamaica with 15 seconds of dialogue before having to ride on a horse on the beach. 

Laura struggled to begin with at first, but managed to pull out a good commercial and a nice personal touch at the end. Leila, after being smacked by a dolphin last week was apprehensive about the horses and on her first take the horse freaked out a little and Leila broke down, but her second take was personal and flawless.

Nastasia forgot all her lines and delivered a flat performance. Kiara couldn't stop swearing in her first take but managed to do well in her second.

In the end, the winner of the challenge is Kiara... umm... what? I thought Leila/Laura would win!!

The challenge scores are:

I thought Leila did much better than that- given the editing- her second take was breathtaking! Fixed? Or...

The girls photo shoot this week sees them shoot for the 'Dream Come True' fragrance print ad, the winner's ad will be printed. The girls will be in the Jamaican ocean with a large bottle of Dream Come True.

Nastasia gave variety on her shoot and looked great whilst Leila looked nervous and a bit like a wreck. She looked stiff but hopefully has a few good shots towards the end.

Kiara looked great but it felt a bit fake- all the smiles and the poses... very commercial. Laura was too sexy in her shoot for the fragrance- I thought she looked great but whatever.

At panel, Kelly critiques Leila for being too sexy yet gives her an 8- Tyra and Rob both think it's just the right amount and gives her an 8 and 9. 

Kiara gets a 7,8,9 even though her picture was gorgeous. She's still probably going to get first call out though.

Kelly loves Nastasia's photo but Rob and Tyra think she doesn't appeal to the target audience. She gets a 7,8,9 which is one less than Leila and therefore is likely to go home. :(

Laura gets a 7,7,8 for being 'safe' and not really what they're looking for. She could potentially go home!! :W  I liked her picture more than Leila's tbh but her eyes were a bit sleepy.

In the end, the first girl called is...

an obvious Kiara, followed by Leila. In the bottom two are Laura and Nastasia. From the points we know alone, both are tied. So fan vote will decide who stays...!! And Laura stays... with a 0.3 more than Nastasia.

The final scores this week:

The final three will be taking part in a theatrical production with Amato Haute Couture gowns.

For some reason, I have a feeling Kiara is going to win but I would definitely prefer it if Leila or Laura won!! But Leila does appear to fall over the runway in the preview!

The best shots from the eliminated girls:

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  1. Wow, from the elimination pictures I actually like Victoria’s photos the best. I don’t understand how Kiara won best picture; I think Leila’s photo was much stronger, and represented the brand better. I was talking about this show with my co-worker from DISH, we both agree if Kiara wins we probably won’t watch this show again…no, we will just with a little more attitude ;-). I’m going to miss the final challenge but I’ve already set my DISH Hopper to record it, and since there is so much DVR recording room I can record my other favorite shows that air at the same time, and not use up much space. I can’t wait for the finale, and for the new co-ed season to begin.


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