Saturday, 3 November 2012

America's Next Top Model Cycle 19 Episode 10 Recap

The girls ramble on about Leila and Kiara is already getting the eliminated girls' edit imo. The girls' first challenge is to pose with dolphins in swimwear- high fashion not holiday shoot. It's pretty cool they get to work with the dolphins and get pushed up by them :W sooo want to do that lol.

Kiara did an OK job- Nastasia's shallow shot was good but had a horrific deep shot. Leila got hit by the dolphin LOL. but her deep shot was stunning. Kristin just stood there in the shallows and was stiff on the deep shot.

Laura didn't do so well and even flashed everyone on her deep shot when the dolphins pushed her up... lol. In the end, the winner is Leila and she picks Kiara to share the prize.

So the challenge scores are:

Kristin is likely to go home unless Laura gets a horrendous photo... or Kiara...hmm..

For the girls' photo shoot this week, they will be posing in the waterfall and shot by Tyra. The style of the shoot is also really good, a very high fashion shoot for once. Each of the girls get given a type of material which surprisingly looks good in the end product.

Kristin- Fabric
Laura- Shells
Leila- Wood
Kiara- Metal
Nastasia- Pipes

Nastasia did a good job- I loved her styling especially the eye patch- you don't notice the tacky pipes. I thought Kiara was stiff and controlled, but looked great when she actually got into the water.

Laura looked great in her shells but her setup was horrible- her body was square and they put her right under the water where she couldn't open her eyes... Bad photo i think!

Kristin looked stunning on set- her styling was most unique and dynamic and she had so much to play with- apart from the complaining I think she could've got some beautiful shots.

Leila looked stunning in every shot and she can't NOT get first call out- her photo is going to be amazinggg...

At panel, Nastasia gets a haunting but artistic photo and a score of 8,9,9. I love this shot, I think its so edgy and modern, and timeless.

Laura's shot is horrible and square on- her face is ok but it is just not a good photo- YET she get's a 7,8,9 from the judges... This is like a 6... >< 

Leila's photo is stunning and gets a 10 all around from the judges... beautiful photo!!! FIRST CALL OUT TOO NO DOUBT! 

Kristin's shot was not as good as I thought it could've been (sabotage?) but also not as bad as I recall from voting phase. Definitely better than Laura's, and she also gets a 7,8,9 which means Laura is one point above Kristin based on challenge and judges scores alone.

Kiara's shot is nice facially but I'm not a big fan of her body... I think she could've played around a bit more with the water... she gets a 9,10,10 from the judges so she's gonna get 2nd call out...

The order this week is pretty obvious I think- Leila will be first followed by Kiara and then Nastasia, with Laura and Kristin in the bottom and Kristin likely to go home...

So, the first girl called is...

Leila followed by Kiara (whose photo will be up on Tyra's wall) and Nastasia. In the bottom are Kristin and Laura as predicted... but who goes? I think Kristin has the better photo but Laura might have stronger fans... In the end, the girl who stays is...

Did anyone notice how Tyra re-recorded what she said to Laura? It was so obvious (camera showing Tyra's back and the change in audio)... I wonder what she actually said???

Final Scores:

Leila 46.4
Kiara 42.2
Nastasia 40.3
Laura 35.9
Kristin 34.0

Best pics from the eliminated girls:

Brittany did a horrible job :( but Alyssa and Jessie did great :)


  1. I’m still confused as to why the eliminated girls are still doing photo shoots after Leila was chosen back into the house. This season has definitely been a close race, but I’m hoping Nastasia pulls out the win. I’m going to miss next week’s episode because I have a new work schedule at DISH. I’ve already set my Hopper to record it, there is a ton of DVR recording room. I’m going to record the rest of the season, this way I can go back and re-watch to see the Tyra voice over ;-).

    1. Yes out of all the girls left I like Nastasia the most then Leila... will see what happens!

    2. the reason all the girls need to keep doing the photo shoots is so the fans can vote, if they stopped doing the shoots the fans would know who was eliminated so no point in watching the show

  2. Yes, I'll admit it... I do miss Victoria but let's move on.

    I'm glad to see that the girls remaining now are all strong competitors, unlike other cycles where it gets clear at this point of the competition who the winner is. I do however have doubts about Kiara but I love her personality. I thought she would be cut after she'd had that argument with Kristin - flashback to cycle 5 when Kim got shamefully eliminated after her altercation with Bree.

    During the whole show it was somehow dawning on me how we may have missed the fact that Kristin is the mistress of crazy and not Victoria. That she would say all that she said to Laura and expect some kind of a concord was just beyond crazy to me. Good riddance!

    Hoping next week brings a funner episode.

    1. I agree. Victoria was annoying but in a way I could see where she was coming from. Kristin baited and gaslighted everyone she perceived to be an easy target. She deserved to be booted off earlier for her nasty behaviour

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