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'Skyfall' Film Review

When a terrorist organisation takes hold of a hard drive containing a list with the identities of all MI6 operatives in the field and plans to release them, M's position is at risk. Bond (Daniel Craig) must track down the source in order to protect M (Judi Dench) and the British secret service. 

But he soon discovers M's dark and slippery past when he reaches ex-agent Silva (Javier Bardem) and his loyalty to the woman is tested.

The opening sequence was adrenaline pumped and exciting to watch- especially the high speed rooftop motorcycle chase, setting the bar for the rest of the movie. Flicking from location to location, interspersed with London, each country was filmed with a different style, rendering the cinematography beautiful. 

I especially loved the technologically artistic Skyscraper Glass scene in Shanghai as well Bond's lantern filled entry into Macau; the beauty of these two dramatically contrast with the grittiness of Turkey and the dreary grey of London. 

The pace of the movie increases as Bond reaches Silva, a villain which has real character and personality unlike some of the more recent ones. Not only that, but Silva is surprisingly personable and even at times humorous. In this way, Silva wasn't particularly 'scary' or intimidating, but certainly powerful and full of flair.

Plot wise, the lack of a master plan or a world domination scheme made the plot flop all over the place with no real structure. Arguably, the focus on resolving this personal vendetta opposed to some sort of clear materialistic mission such as disarming an atomic bomb or retrieving a biochemical hazard made the movie more 'real'- as the themes of the Internet and cybercrime are current and relevant to the modern world. 

As the film reaches its climax, a dark turn takes place, shifting the focus away to M and onto Bond's past, his childhood home the set for the finale, which was explosive and extremely fun to watch. The ending was partly predictable but there is a shocker and leaves the door open for the next Bond film.

Daniel Craig- James Bond
Judi Dench- M
Javier Bardem- Silva
Ralph Fiennes- Gareth Mallory
Naomie Harris- Eve
Berenice Marlohe- Severine
Ben Whishaw- Q

A key theme in the movie was Bond's age and I'm glad they addressed it. I can't be the only one who thinks Daniel Craig looks old in the movie, especially with that silvery grey stubble. By addressing it though, it acknowledges his limitation but also that he can break through it.

Javier Bardem creates a real character in Silva, one of the more memorable villains of late and he brings a certain humour to the role, especially in his flirtatious scene with Bond.

Bond girls Naomie Harris and Berenice Marlohe bring completely different personalities to the Bond girl, the former a young agent who is sweet and sassy, the latter, a dark and mysterious femme fatale. 

New to the franchise is up and coming actor Ben Whishaw (also starring in Cloud Atlas) and Ralph Fiennes, both of which I'm sure we'll see more of.

Four years after the release of divisive Quantum of Solace, the latest Bond film 'Skyfall' had a lot to prove. The film surprisingly excites and thrills even when the aim of villain Silva is purely revenge. The action sequences are top class and there is beautiful cinematography in the international destinations. 

Whilst 'Skyfall' follows a typical Bond formula, it is refreshing and offers a lot more character development. The movie is also relished with the perfect theme song by current British artist Adele, making this even better.   With Daniel Craig confirmed to return for Bond 24 with a scheduled release of 2014, we can only hope that the changes they make in this movie will work for the next. 

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  1. Went to the cinemas with lots of expectations but came back disappointed. Not a great story-line, no thrilling moments and no gadgets. Most of the second half has been shot in the dark, but the sudden brightness sometimes hurts your eyes. The only thing I loved was Adele's opening theme song.


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