Monday, 8 October 2012

'Real Steel' Film Review

I'm not usually into this kind of movie, but seeing the good reviews on Amazon and having seen the trailer, it did spark an interest in me to see it and it was surprisingly enjoyable.

In the future where robot boxing replaced human boxing, Charlie Kenton (Hugh Jackman) invested his whole life into the sport. At the bottom of his career, his estranged son Max (Dakota Goyo) is put into his care after his mother died in a tragic car accident.

When the two go scrapheap hunting for robot parts, Max falls down a cliff but is rescued by a robot hand. Max rescues the buried robot, called Atom, and persuades Charlie to get him a fight and reignites Charlie's career as well as their relationship.

The movie moves at a timely pace and there is enough action to keep you into the film without being bored. Masked as a robot fighting movie, there is in fact a lot of deep meaning into the father son relationship which is explored.

At times, the film makes you laugh, at times it moves you. This is the real strength of the movie and whilst the younger members of the audience will love the combat, the older ones will definitely read between the lines and enjoy the emotional aspects.

The trouble with movies like this is their predictability. All the fights shown here are pretty predictable and therefore slightly anticlimatic and there loses the element of surprise. That said, the climax and ending was dealt with in a good way- not too convenient/easy but justified and simple. 


Hugh Jackman- Charlie Kenton
Dakota Goyo- Max Kenton

Also stars Anthony Mackie and Evangeline Lilly.

Hugh Jackman is the typical Hugh Jackman - still enjoyable but at times forced. The delight here is the young Dakota Goyo who manages to present a genuine and moving performance, very natural and slick.

'Real Steel' is one of those movies you pick up and put down at the movie rental store but if you gave it a watch you would actually find so much more from the movie than what is on the cover or the synopsis. With a simple plot, good action and a strong cast, this is a great family movie with some genuine heart. 

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