Monday, 1 October 2012

EXCLUSIVE: Eurogamer Expo 2012

Yesterday I went to the Eurogamer Expo for the first time and it was pretty amazing (handy having a press pass)! The variety of games on show were mouthwatering and I wish I had managed to play them all!

Top of my list was not COD, not Assassins Creed (shoot me!) but SIMCITY and having played it first hand, I can say it is truly a wonderful game. Whilst it's still in it's alpha stage, the demo was highly complex and the new glass box technology looked beautiful and on-par with The Sims 3 generation of games. 

What impressed me most was the level of management that you can achieve- sewage, water, electricity and so on... though I wasn't too keen on the way you accept missions on the left side (reminds me of those Sims social media games). After the quick tutorial, I was left to my own devices and I found myself a bit lost (which could be a good thing) and wasn't really sure what to do or how to fulfill the goals and I had to resort to trial and error. Unfortunately, a time limit had been set on the demo and my town was destroyed by an impending asteroid attack, a taste for what deadly plagues we can set onto our cities. I'm looking forward to February 2013, when the game comes out, VERY MUCH.

Whilst I'm not the biggest console gamer (still running last gen's PS2), I was teased by the range of games available to upgrade. Trying out Borderlands, Streetfighter, Sony's All Star Battle Royale and the more relaxed 'When Vikings Attacks!', I was reminded why I love gaming with others and definitely the best part about it!

The Indie games on show were also impressive- I loved the concept of Dream and The Unfinished Swan, though I didn't get to try the latter. Prison Architect is definitely right up my street. 

Also available to play were retro games- this is probably my favourite section- reminiscing the old days of arcades and nostalgic games- Space Invaders, Bomberman, Bubble Bobble... we spent a long time playing this city block destroyer (I don't know the name) but attracted me cos it reminds me of Disney's upcoming film 'Wreck it Ralph'.

Given it was my first time, I did not anticipate the long queues for some of the games I wanted to play (Tomb Raider/Wii-U) and wish I had ran to them when I first got in... but next time I'll know!! Looks like I'll be forking out quite a bit of money in the near future for some of these games!

And there was a crazy photobooth :3


  1. I was also able to play SimCity at gamescom last August. It's an amazing remake indeed!

  2. The "city block destroyer" game you played is called 'Rampage'. I used to play that game for hours on end!


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