Friday, 5 October 2012

Distorted Portraits by Claudio Parentela

Italian artist Claudio Parentela manipulates and creates interesting portraits and photo-montages with paper, paint, colours and forms. The results are provocative and intriguing.

"I like to build my images using all the knots of my mind….in my art there are all the sounds I listen…the people I meet every day on the street….tons of underground comics read….fashion magazines….
…I love to mix all in a weird twisted way,new every time….Diamanda Galas with Miles Davis,Mickey Mouse with Osho,the Sex Pistols with Ghedalia Tazartes….the 1000 shades between the black and the white with crazy colours…one in all,all in one…." - Claudio Parentela

Check out more images below:

Thanks to the artist for supplying work and statement. Check out the official site here.

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