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America's Next Top Model Cycle 19 Episode 9 Recap

Last week we were left hanging as to which of the eliminated girls would come back. One of the seven girls will be joining the rest as they travel to Jamaica for the international destination... The girl who will be joining them is...

LEILA!!! (The right choice but I really like Brittanyyyyyy!!!) Now Laura will have some real competition ;)

The girls arrive in Jamaica. Kiara is getting the eliminated girl edit... just saying. The girls are welcomed by Tyra and Jamaican music and male models, one of whom Kiara is smitten with. After spending time with Tyra, the girls go on their first challenge.

The challenge this week sees the girl choreograph a dance-hall routine with swagger. So it was pretty funky- Laura didn't look modelesque, Kristin was reserved but looked pretty, Victoria was pretty good, Leila seemed off beat, Nastasia and Kiara did well together and therefore won the challenge!

The final challenge scores:
Nastasia 9
Kiara 9
Victoria 8
Leila 8
Laura 7
Kristin 7

For the photo shoot this week, the girls will be rafting on a river and portraying a narrative of torn love, between Rob and the male models. Kiara pics Korey the one who she's been flirting with.

I thought Victoria did well- the micromovements she made was interesting. Laura did alright but didn't like her styling. Leila looked fantastic on set and got good feedback. 

Nastasia fitted right into the shot and looked stunning- Rihanna-esque, and took a good photo. Kristin struggles on set but looked great. Kiara was awkward and was too distracted by the male model.

At panel, Nastasia gets a good shot- she has a STUNNING face- didn't like her hand placement (slightly awkward) but apart from that great shot, getting a 7,8,10 from the judges. Leila has an alright shot, which Kelly and Rob loves but Tyra thinks it is too catalogue. I think it's pretty but her expression isn't passionate enough. She gets an 8, 8, 6. 

Kiara's shot is horrible, she gets a 6,6,7 = going home. 100%. Victoria gets a 6, 6, 7 too, making Kiara have one point over Victoria from the challenge... oooh.. close one.

Kristin's shot is average- body horrible- face somewhat redemptive. When asked to act like a fool, she is silly and not at all crazy- Tyra demonstrates by going all out and shouting 'I HAVE NEVER YELLED AT A GIRL LIKE THIS'- LOVE IT soo funny! haha... Anyway she gets a 6,7,8.

Laura does a good job and gets an 8, 9, 9 (another first call out?)... So pretty obvious that Kiara and Victoria will be in the bottom two...

So the girl with the highest score this week is...

Nastasia, followed by Laura and Leila. In the bottom two are Kiara and Victoria... and thanks to that one extra challenge point score and a higher fan vote, Kiara stays! 

Now that Brittany is gone, and Victoria is gone... who do I root for?

1. Leila
2. Nastasia
3. Laura

The scores for this week:

So what happens now to the eliminated girls and their pictures? No more second surprise comeback I'm guessing... but they still participate in all the shoots... hmm... so in the comeback segment, they just comment on the girls and the photos? :/ 

Cos I actually liked Destiny's photo this week :P

Oh and I loved Kristin's glasses hehehe


  1. I’m not sure what I’m going to do without Victoria’s crazy story lines going into her photo shoots. I wanted Yvonne to comeback, but I knew that would not happen. I missed this episode because of my work schedule at DISH; I love the photos of the girls and Nastasia was by far the best. I recorded this episode on my Hopper, and since I’m so obsessed with this show I’m recording the rest of the season. I think the final two will be Nastasia and Laura, but Laura will edge her out for the win.

  2. Impressive recap. It was a really fun episode. I thoroughly enjoyed it. Good to see Leila back. Brittany would've been my first choice, though I think that would've defeated the whole purpose for this comeback thing. And boy am I glad Victoria is gone. I didn't think I could suffer though any of her unending yarns anymore.

    And now to the photos. I think overall for me the best photo was Laura's. Nastasia's was unbelievably sexy and regal. I gotta agree with Rob... NO WAY could that tooch have gone wrong. Her smize blew me yarrrrddddss. However Laura had the whole package. Her face, her body, plus I feel hers told the story best (was i the only one feeling a little Xtina from her?). Kristin does look good in those glasses but I'm afraid she's fallen back to my least favorite person. I thought Leila's photo, the one with the tooch, would have made for stronger competition.

    Anyways, let's wait and see what happens next week. Can't wait!


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