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America's Next Top Model Cycle 19 Episode 8 Recap

So last week there was no ANTM which made us all sad I'm sure, but tonight is a special night, because one of the eliminated girls will COME BACK- who will it be?

The girls get back home, talk about which of the girls they think will come back (Alyssa/Leila having consistent scores) and then about Victoria. Kristin and Victoria have a little argument about panel last week and that the girls don't think Victoria can handle the competition.

Victoria is again defensive and it's tiring. Kristin is right- don't start something you can't finish. She is definitely growing on me- as much as I disliked her to begin with, she makes a lot of sense.

The challenge this week is GO-SEES!! The girls leave in pairs and go to 5 designers. The girl who books the most jobs win.

Kristin + Brittany
Laura + Nastasia
Victoria + Kiara

So Kristin and Brittany did a good job and got good feed back generally. Brittany might have been to sweet for some, but just right for others. 

Victoria and Kiara weren't great as a team. Victoria spoke over Kiara at one of the go-sees which was really rude and she wasn't personable. 

Laura and Nastasia were rushed for time. Laura really wanted to get to GUESS but had only 22 minutes left. They decide to go anyway even if they might be late, but made it back just in time.

So each designer picked one girl to book the job-
Celia Cassini- Kiara
Lulu Guinness- Nastasia
Charlotte Ronson- Kristin
Whitney Port- Laura
GUESS- Laura

which makes Laura also the challenge winner. Brittany and Victoria booked 0. 

Here are the challenge scores:

What's interesting is that Brittany and Victoria both didn't get the lowest score... so we'll see how they fare at panel after the shoot!

This week's photoshoot is a fashion mugshot. The girls were taken to jail and put through the process- which was quite funny. 

Victoria goes crazy again with her character and has a messy shoot to begin with. She started spitting around... eww.. Laura looked great on set.

Kristin also looked great but struggled to open her eyes. Brittany is clearly sabotaged- the styling is awful on her this week- she looks really old and it's just horrendous. 

Kiara struggled as she was arrested at a young age and didn't want to be here. She went a bit crazy as Brittany demonstrated but got a good shot in the end.

I feel like Brittany might be sent home because her shoot was clearly sabotaged... but hope she doesn't!

At panel, Kristin gets a good score of 8, 7, 8. Nastasia gets a 7, 7, 8 which might just save her from going home... I didn't like her eyes at all- she looks like a blow-up doll ¬.¬

Victoria gets critiqued for her photo which is pretty bad- over acted and just not modelesque. Victoria appeals to emotion as she voices her feeling of being bullied which is totally false, and Tyra gives her an 8 (WHAT) and Rob gives her a 7, whilst Kelly gives her an honest score of a 6. 

Kiara's photo is critiqued and yet she gets a score of 7,9,9 WHAT?? these scores are ridic. oh wait then Tyra reduces her score to a 7. OUCH. 

Brittany gets a 6,7,5 which means she's going home. Rob is just nasty. Tyra uses her score to kind of take into account the modelling potential as well... so... well... it's pretty clear Brittany is going home. :(

Laura gets a 9,9,9 for a stunning photo and she'll almost definitely get first call out AGAIN. I think this week is pretty obvious... Bye Brit :( but the question is... WHO COMES BACK???

The girl with the best score this week is...

Laura, followed by Kristin and Kiara. In the bottom two are Victoria and Brittany... and I think it's pretty obvious... urgh I'm quite annoyed at Victoria's appeal at panel... so undeserved. Brittany has a better portfolio than Victoria imo. And Victoria stays... PFFFT- sabotageeee .

Here are the final scores:

BUT WAIT... now we find out who comes back and Brittany is included! D: OH WAIT and CUT... OMG nooo... we don't find out till next week when the girl will join the rest of them and go to JAMAICA!!! WOW... 

I can't wait till next week! Who will it be?

Check out the eliminated girls' photos this week~

 Darian looks too un-badgirl. Leila has a good shot. Jessie has a good shot... the others are meh.

So who will come back?


  1. Hey Mat, I'm back again. I've been fiending my usual dose of antm for a while now.

    I agree with everything you said. It's as if you're in my head. I'm so bored with Victoria now that I strongly wished she would go home. And how rude was she during the go-sees. I'm really shocked Kiara didn't go off on her. Plus the lies she told in panel about being bullied by the girls... I so hope she gets it (counting on Kristin, who by the way is also becoming a fav) when they get back to the house.

    Laura clearly deserved her win. I guess we can all agree that she's the winner of this cycle. Now our obsession can shift to who comes second place. Her shot was so sexy and nasty I wanted in on it.

    I didn't like Nastasia's either. You couldn't have painted a righter comparison when you said blow-up doll.

    I don't know if Brittany was sabotaged. I think her look was more high society and conservative (think Bree Van DeCamp from Desperate Housewives)you know... in a way that shocks harder because such conduct was not expected of a person of such caliber. Sad to see her go though.

    Let's see how things fare next week. Really can't wait for the upcoming episode. I hope Leila or Brittany come back.

  2. And oh btw I couldn't help laughing when Laura said "Laura is going to kill me..." such a total admission of defeat!

    Also, can't wait to see the BOYS next cycle. Gonna be awesome!!!

    1. Hi DLuke! Interesting, Brittany could be the 'Bree Van De Camp' of the shoot haha - maybe she should've tooched!

      Hope she comess back!! I like Brittany more but Leila's shots have been stunning every week


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