Saturday, 6 October 2012

America's Next Top Model Cycle 19 Episode 7 Recap

So Laura got first call out last week but doesn't pick anyone to share the Tyra Suite with. The girls are concerned about Victoria's eating habit.

The girls get to go on a road trip to Palm Springs but this will also act as their challenge- random acts of modelling. They will be split into two teams and one girl from the winning team will be chosen as the overall winner, who gets a Nylon TV segment.

Team 1: Brittany, Kristin, Alyssa, Laura
Team 2: Victoria, Nastasia, Kiara

So this is a pretty fun challenge but pretty cringe. Team 2 struggled to do random acts of modelling to begin with and they weren't even very good. Team 1 did a lot better in terms of looking natural- especially Alyssa who actually understands the task.

As Team 2 leaves their last location, Victoria misrecorded Kiara's NylonTV footage/deleted it by accident and tension between them rises. They stop to refilm Kiara's footage and she gets loads of takes, even though Victoria only got one previously and she forgot to say NylonTV in it.

In the end, Team 1 was the winning team, and the winner overall is Laura. The challenge scores are:

Laura 9
Kristin 8
Nastasia 8
Alyssa 7
Kiara 7
Brittany 6
Victoria 6

The photo shoot will be held at Palm Springs where they are portraying girls after a night out.

Brittany offered a variety of poses and got a good shot. Laura struggled at first but I'm sure she got a great shot. 

Victoria looked great backstage- THAT was a random act of modelling- though her character this week was a little OTT... hope it will save her cos we need more of her weirdness!

Kiara looked good in a dumpster. Alyssa had such a bad setup though when the soda fizzed everywhere- THAT would be a good shot. ><

At panel, Brittany got a great picture and a score of (8,9,10). I thought her picture was SO high fashion. STUNNING. Despite mixed opinions on Kiara she still gets a good score of (7,8,9). Though she won the challenge, Laura got a (6,6,7) for being too pretty and non-modelesque.

Kristin got (8, 8, 8) with an alright shot... I prefer Brittany's shot, but Nastasia gets a 9,9,10 (first call out much?). Alyssa deffo got the worst shot and scores of 4,5 from Rob and Kelly, but Tyra gives her an 8.

Victoria got a good shot at panel and scores of (8,8,9). But the girls voice their opinion on her health, though she resists and is defensive. Tyra tells her that she has to go home if she restricts (lose weight?) by next week.

So Nastasia is gonna get first call out followed by Brittany and Laura I'm guessing with Alyssa to go home.

In the end, the first girl called is...

Nastasia followed by Brittany and Kristin. In the bottom two are Laura and Alyssa (WHAT?) really?? wow... I can't see Laura going home whatsoever... so... Alyssa goes!! 

The final scores:

I think it's the first time Tyra was emotional at judging and she was actually teary eyed for Alyssa's departure... Aww!! 

Top Three:
1. Brittany
2. Laura
3. Victoria- sorry but she's starting to annoy me

The eliminated girls' best shots:

Leila's shot is stunning- I thought she would get FCO when I saw the pic during voting... and again looks like it could be in a high fashion magazine. Destiny looks good as well. 

I really want to know who comes back! Will it be when there are 5 girls left or...?

It's go-sees next week which is really exciting... and drama between Victoria, Kiara and Kristin will prove to be intense.


  1. What is it with Victoria? Tell you what, she's starting to get on my nerves too; what with being defensive and such a chatterbox. I was sadly coming to accept that her time had come to go. Luckily I get another chance to see her be the only realest person in the house (even if the weirdest).
    I was a bit moved though when the girls showed their concern for her over her eating habit. It was a really touching moment. But she has got to STEP IT UP in her photos and challenges!

    My favorite photo this week is definitely Brittany's. It was SMIZING on all levels. Nastasia's was cool too. And I don't know why the judges were raving about Kristen's shot. She just sat there gulping milk. She has to be cut off next week!

    By the way, I'm OK with Allyson going home. She's been declining for so far. I really don't care for her coming back. I'm still waiting for Leila to get back in. Her photo this week is so gorgeous but a little too alive for me. I would've preferred she looked a bit dreary and wasted but any ways still the best out of the bunch and that does happy for me...

    1. Brittany needs a FCO!!

    2. totally agree! it was the eyes that did it for me.


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